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Peristaltic Pump

This series syringe pumps can assembly 1 or 2 syringes, precision can reach <±0.35 %. Good performance, high precision and high accuracy; Durable mechanical transmission design
This Pump has basic functions such as reversible direction,start/stop full speed (fast cleaning,empty),and speed-variable.Dispensing function can realize the repeat timing quantitative dispensing .
BT101L/BT301L/BT601L Intelligent flow peristaltic pump adopts color LCD and touch screen technology. the operator can input the flow rate directly.Simple operation
The pump adopts color LCD touch screen with intuitive and clear displaying interface, easy to operate. Mainly used for accurate measurement and distribution of fluid.
The pump is suitable for transferring large amount of fluid in industry. Flow range: 0.4-13 L/min, speed range: 30-600 rpm. It can cascade two pump heads.
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