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Positive microscopes DM 3000

DM 3000 intelligent biomicroscope is suitable for scientific research, medical examination and diagnosis.
User friendly design
6 bit electric objective conversion
The electric concentrator is observed under the following 10X objective lens. The top mirror automatically displays the automatic light intensity memory.
The intensity of light intensity varies with the object mirror
The 2 objective lenses can be selected alternately to facilitate the convenience of preview and observation conversion.
Flat field achromatic, flat field semi achromatic or flat field achromatic objective
Luminescence field, dark field, phase contrast, polarized light fluorescence function
Conversion of 5 bit fluorescent filter bits by rotating fluorescent filter
10X, eyepiece, support 20 - 25mm view, or other multiple eyepiece.
Binocular or three mesh observation tube
Light transmission lighting of 12V30W halogen lamp
A CCD or camera device that matches a variety of software
Many people can talk about mirrors, macroscopical instruments, tracing instruments, optical zoom and so on.
Convertable foot switch control objective lens conversion
Infinitely far light path
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