High pressure sterilizer for high pressure sterilizer

Automatic high pressure sterilizer

The system has self checking function of safety state, and the lid can not be opened under power failure.The self induction interlocking device with safe opening temperature and pressure can open the

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Frozen slicer CM 3050S

Leica CM3050S automatic freezing slicing machine not only meets the diagnostic application of conventional pathology, but also embodies its advanced nature in the high-end scientific research field.

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Read EndoRM 2235

New manual rotary slicer, super durable, high precision, comfortable to use.The position of the rough wheel is closer to the operator and ergonomically designed. Use comfortably. The direction of rot

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Read EndoRM 2245

The compact control panel effectively controls all kinds of operations, sensitive buttons, so that customers can "blind operation". The control panel inside the fuselage is completely synchronized wit

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Read EndoRM 2255

A new automatic rotary slicer can be sliced automatically or manually. The compact independent control panel effectively controls all important operations.The built-in control panel of the fuselage i

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Frozen slicer CM 1950

CM1950 is the latest generation of clinical frozen slicer. Compared with the previous frozen slicer, CM1950 has extraordinary performance in the aspects of user security, slicing quality and workflow

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