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After-Sale Service

Zhejiang Scientific Equipment & Materials I/E Co.,Zhejiang Scientific Equipment & Materials I/E Co., Ltd., as the largest supplier of analytical instruments in Zhejiang Province (with a history of 38 years, and a registered capital of RMB 20 million), has signed general agent or authorized service center agreements with a number of domestic and foreign instrument manufacturers. Based on many years of development in the professional field and their internal strength, the company established the "large-scale equipment maintenance center of Zhejiang" authorized by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang in 2008. The company also set up repair stations for many well-known instruments manufacturers at home and abroad, including Agilent, Shimadzu, ABI, GE, Mettler, Lycra, FOSS, Sanyo, UNICO, Beijing Kechuang Haiguang, Shanghai Anting, Shanghai Boxun and Beijing Liuyi. The company’s after-sales technical maintenance department has a total of seven professional engineers, who have received professional trainings from the manufacturers, and have extensive experience in operating specialized equipment; they also obtained the relevant training certificates after examinations. The company also maintains sound technical communications with the technology sectors of manufacturers, to ensure that users’ practical problems can be solved when they use the products. Due to their long-term experience, their work has been fully recognized by users, and their maintenance capacities are among the best in the industry.


1. During the warranty period, for all quality problems in the normal scope of use, the company will offer free repair service after confirming the problems through checking. After the end of the warranty period, the company is responsible for the life-long maintenance for the product and offers paid services.
2. During the warranty period, for failures caused by equipment defects, the Seller shall be responsible for free technical service and repair.

After-Sale Service

1. Throughout the use period, the company shall ensure the proper operation of the equipment and give response in 24 hours after receiving the maintenance requirement from the user.

2. The parts required in the repair process are subject to the normal delivery period of the manufacturer.

After-Sale Service