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At the beginning of the New Year training first - zhejiang branch SIEVERS - TOC product training

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2018/03/14 17:39
& have spent & have spent To improve the sales staff's SIEVERS - TOC level of sales of products, enhance the sales staff of SIEVERS - TOC product sales policy in 2018, the new product knowledge, improve sales and customer communication about SIEVERS - TOC product application, January 6, 2018, in company conference room on the second floor of SIEVERS - TOC product knowledge exchange training, the company specially invited to the TOC training lecturer, wang xin will be to the sales staff in detail the related product knowledge, and the daily sales of the difficulties encountered in the process of communication, on-site answer and discussion.
The main content of the training with 2018 sales of the new policy on the description of the main products, InnovOx and M9 TOC (including product design characteristics), the Forecast form, product market applications, market differences and advantages as well as products such as how to selection.