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1220 Infinity LC

Integrated, durable and easy to operate
As the final configuration of each system was tested strictly before the factory was launched, they started quickly and without fault. After opening the box, even the inexperienced users or users who do not use the instrument can quickly master the system and get very good results.
The efficiency of conventional analysis is optimized so that the system can achieve excellent performance.
There is good reproducibility and extraordinary results between every analysis and daily operation. For all your daily applications - including analytical applications that must comply with regulatory requirements - 1220 Infinity LC provides an impeccable performance for HPLC and high separation fast separation liquid chromatography (RRLC).
Providing top quality and long-term reliability of the industry at attractive prices.
Agilent has sold more than 100000 sets of liquid chromatography systems, and is recognized as a leader in the liquid chromatography industry. The Agilent 1220 Infinity liquid chromatography system indicates that you have stepped into Agilent's trusted LC products. High quality investment is realized at a reasonable price.
More valuable
Agilent 1220 Infinity LC is especially suitable for small and medium-sized laboratories that use standard HPLC methods for routine analysis but also want to use RRLC. The system has all the performance required to meet the stringent regulatory requirements, and is compact and easy to operate.
Agilent 1220 Infinity LC provides the performance and trustworthy reliability you expect. As part of the 1200 Infinity series, Agilent 1220 Infinity LC represents an entry level system, but it shares the latest technologies in 1260 Infinity and 1290 Infinity LC.

Manual injector
Manual sampler is suitable for low flux analysis, simple operation and easy maintenance. It includes long life standard Rheodyne 2 position 6 way valve and 20 L standard quantitative ring. The front end of the valve can directly and conveniently sample or replace the quantitative ring directly.
Automatic injector
The integrated automatic sampler is reliable, safe and easy to maintain, and can be accurately injected in the volume range of 0.1-100 L. It has high sampling accuracy and excellent linearity in the wide sample volume range. The flow path design of the automatic injector ensures no sample loss: the sample removed from the sample bottle can be completely injected into the chromatographic column. The standard automatic sampler provides a sample plate for 100 2mL bottles, and a sample plate made up of 2.5 plates, each half of which can be filled with 40 2mL sample bottles or 15 6mL sample bottles.


Column temperature box
The optimized thermostat can hold a column and provide accurate and stable column temperature at room temperature above 10 degree C to 60 degree C. In practical application, the column temperature box, retention time reproducibility and analysis quality were improved compared with room temperature conditions.


Variable wavelength detector
The specially designed simplified optical system provides high sensitivity, low baseline drift, wide linear range and 80Hz data acquisition rate. The Agilent variable wavelength detector not only reduces the detection limit, expands the analysis ability, but also quickly changes the light and circulation pool from the front end of the instrument to reduce the cost of your instrument
Equal degree pump configuration Gradient pump configuration
Equal degree pump Gradient pump Gradient pump
Manual injector Manual injector Automatic injector
--- --- Column temperature box
Variable wavelength detector Variable wavelength detector Variable wavelength detector

Choose the configuration that meets your liquid chromatography workflow from the three standard configurations, which can be upgraded according to the needs of the laboratory.

ZORBAX Eclipse Plus RRHT column and Poroshell 120 column are the two best performance chromatographic columns for Agilent 1220 Infinity LC.

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