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Physical testing instruments and equipment

Physical testing instruments and equipment

The SANYO chain refrigeration system is designed for ultra low temperature applications. It can also show its performance and durability even when the temperature of the environment is high or when th
Safe, efficient, convenient and economical storage of liquid nitrogen at cryogenic storage is a scheme for long-term storage of biological samples. However, liquid nitrogen tanks are quite expensive,
Using V.I.P. PLUS technology for vacuum insulation sheet made by V.I.P. PLUS technology, the cryogenic box used in the cryogenic box is the third generation vacuum insulation board V.I.P. PLUS develop
The -86 C vertical medical cryogenic box (V.I.P. Series) provides the maximum storage capacity for the minimum area, and achieves large capacity storage in a limited space to meet the growing demand f
The 1. air duct structure adopts the concept of annular air flow design, forced convection to simulate the principle of air circulation. The specially designed high power air circulation wind blade ca
Particle size and its distribution -- dynamic light scattering --90 degree light scattering techniqueClassical light scattering angle, combined with the top detector APD, achieves high sensitivity an
Crystallization of technology and experience The Mastersizer 2000 diffraction laser particle sizer provides a practical and reliable solution for the measurement of the particle size of users from all
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