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Optical Emission Spectrometer Standard configurations Optical System:> Paschen-Runge polychromator, 350mm focal length>High-performance linear array CCD>Holographic concave grating. 3600 I/mm>Dispe
GC-MS Spectrometer GC part GC Specifications1. Split/Splitless Inlet>Maximum operating temperature:450℃>Pressure control mode:Electronic pressure control(EPC),support CV and CC>Pressure range: 0
EDX3600H Alloy Tester Feature Developed for testing Alloy test, S100 detector, excellent energy linearity, energy resolution and energy spectrum characteristics. Higher peak-to-background ratio.Low e
Handheld Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Model: Explorer 7000 Basic InfoEXPLORER 7000 introduces digital multi-channel technology, lower detection limits, better stability, wider app
NX6800 plus Gold Tester Hardware configurationHigh voltage unitVoltage output 0-50kV adjustable: Spellman(USA)50 watts Rhodium target X-ray tube Tube current 0μA ~ 1000μA adjustableDetector: Silicon
Portable Gold Tester (CUBE100) Hardware configurationHigh voltage unitVoltage output 0-50kV4 watts X-ray tube Detector: Silicon Pin- Si-pinDMCA--Digital Multi-Channel Analyzer (4096 channels)Collima
Sample Concentrator Product Introduction Sample Concentrator NM-12/24 are mainly used in batches, such as drug screening, hormone analysis, liquid/gas phase, as well as mass spectrum analysis. Opera
Industry Temperature Measurement Thermal Imaging Camera Characteristics* 2-meter drop resistance* 1.3 million pixels ccd image* Various temperature Measurement functions* IP54* JPEG Storage with Voic
P810/P810A/P850/P850A Automatic Polarimeter Hanon Automatic Polarimeter P850/P850A includes built-in Peltier precise temperature control system. P series Polarimeter with automatic photoelectric insp
Automatic Melting Point Apparatus MP120MP120 Digital Melting Point Apparatus is integrated with photoelectric detection, digital temperature display and other technologies, boasts automatic display o
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