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Biochemical Analysis Equipments

HWP21-30S Flammable Range Tester 1. Product introduction1) This tester applies to test flammable vapor or gas’s maximum concentration and minimum concentration when it is burning under the condition
HWP22-10S Solid Autoignition Temperature Tester 1. Product introduction1) The tester is used for testing autoignition characteristics of solid chemical products.2) Conforms to NF T20-036 (Chemical Pr
HWP23-10S Liquid Autoignition Temperature Tester 1. Product introduction1) This tester is used for testing the liquid autoignition temperature of hot flame or cold fire for the chemicals when heated
Rapid Screening Calorimeter Model: RSC-400A 1. Product introductionRapid Screening Calorimeter-RSC, simple, rapid and early screening for the thermal stability of chemicals. The instrument is suitabl
Vapor Pressure Tester Model: VP TE-1000A 1. Product introductionVP TE-1000A is automatic rapid Vapor Pressure Tester. The tester accurately detects vapor pressure for gasoline, aviation gasoline turb
Pinsky - Martin Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Model: FP PM-400A 1. Product introductionFP PM-400A is an automatic Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester. The tester accurately detects flashpoi
T860 Automatic Titrator New Hanon T860 Automatic Titrator is a lab ti tration device with high analysis accuracy under the principle of potentiometric titration. It with modular design and consist of
ELISA(Microplate)Reader Application  Itmainlyusedtoimmunitydetectionandmicroanalysisinchemistryandbiochemistryinhospitalandrelevantclinicallaboratory.   PrincipleandStructure  *WorkingPrinciple Theins
PCR Thermal Cycler Gene-Explorer Triple uses Marlow(US) peltier. Its max. Ramping rate is 4.5 ℃/s and cycle times is more than 200,000. The product combines a variety of advanced technologies: Window
TOC Analyzer General TOC (Total Organic Carbon), which directly shows the total organic content, is regarded as a key factor to evaluate pollution potentials of organic compound in water. Our TOC can
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