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Packing/ Printing Inspection Equipments

Cardboard Stiffness Tester YT-TDY500 Bending Stiffness Tester is a basic equipment to test the bending stiffness of paper and cardboard, especially to test the paper and cardboard which have lower qu
Compression Tester YT-YS3000 PC compression tester is developed according to the new international standard which adopted the advanced parts, MCU to have a reasonable frame and multifunctional desig
Carton Compression Tester YT-YS10KN carton compression tester is a mechanically and electrically integrated intelligent test instrument, which is composed of the mechanical system and the measure and
Folding Endurance Tester YT-N-135 Folding endurance tester is used to test the folding endurance of paper, cardboard and other materials. The instrument uses the folding clamp which can make it posit
Automatic Bursting Strength Paper Meter YT-NPY1600 Bursting strength paper meter testing the paper is a new machine developed by our company. Based on singlechip measurement and control means to make
Vertical Computer Tensile Tester YT_L Vertical computer rally instrument is developed according to the new nation standard. Adopted the vertical, many pillars structure. Clamp distance can be adjus
Automatic Brightness Colorimeter The YT_ACM is newly developed and designed with the latest technology in the industry, as a unique model in the industry. Compared with similar products in the indus
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