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-150 centigrade medical cryogenic box (V.I.P.PLUS Series)

refrigeration performance: -150 C
Effective volume: 231L
Using V.I.P. PLUS technology for vacuum insulation sheet made by V.I.P. PLUS technology, the cryogenic box used in the cryogenic box is the third generation vacuum insulation board V.I.P. PLUS developed by SANYO. The insulation board has excellent performance and can hold the volume of 140 2 "storage box, and becomes the world's largest volume of -150 centigrade cryogenic box.
The use of this medical cryogenic tank for storage of valuable samples for long-term preservation does not need to worry about pollution problems and reduces operating costs, and can be stored for long periods at a very low temperature below the recrystallized point.
Innovative control panel
LCD graphic display panel with pop-up menu function, simple and intuitive operation, and can display the details of the medical cryogenic box status.
Omni-directional sample protection measures
Advanced design, structure and control can make the valuable samples safer.
The new V.I.P. PLUS thermal insulation material can improve the heat insulation performance of the box.
It is equipped with a new state warning function.
Standard LN2 backup device system can be used for any emergency.
Data recording function
The temperature inside the box can be recorded monthly or weekly, and the opening / closing condition can be recorded (over 2 minutes). At the same time, it can also conveniently use the selected communication interface to transmit the recorded data to the computer.
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