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-152 centigrade cryogenic chest

Refrigeration performance: -152 C
Effective volume: 128L
Safe, efficient, convenient and economical storage of liquid nitrogen at cryogenic storage is a scheme for long-term storage of biological samples. However, liquid nitrogen tanks are quite expensive, and liquid nitrogen replacement is also essential, which requires huge cost monitoring. In addition, the safety risk brought by liquid nitrogen storage is also great. In order to meet the market demand for high efficiency, safety and convenience of ultra-low temperature storage, SANYO developed the world's first mechanical medical cryogenic box MDF-1155 at -152 C in 1991. The preservation of the medical cryogenic box can provide many conveniences for the users: no need to worry about the pollution of the samples, the problem of non liquid supply, the danger of sudden spray without liquid, and the low operating cost. The long-term storage below the recrystallization point can be conveniently and stably achieved.
Special mixed refrigerant for environmental protection
SANYO has developed a special mixed refrigerant to replace chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that will destroy the ozone layer. The new refrigerant essentially eliminates the harm to the earth's environment.
- compressor and cascade chiller system designed for -152 C ultra low temperature
Special high efficiency compressor has been developed and applied to the production of medical cryogenic tank. The refrigeration circuit is equipped with Cool Safe compressor chain refrigeration system, which improves the reliability of long-term storage. The high efficiency and low noise design based on traditional ultra-low temperature technology can provide lasting and stable refrigeration performance.
The microcomputer temperature control device with LED digital display can provide precise temperature control.
With LED digital display and microcomputer temperature control device, accurate temperature setting, confirmation and operation can be carried out. This model is the first electronic controlled medical cryogenic box in the world, which can keep the inner box temperature at -152 C (ambient temperature 30 C), far below the recrystallization point (-130 C) of pure water. Such a low temperature can provide an ideal long-term storage environment.
Special non fluorinated rigid imide ester in-situ foaming insulation material
The internal and external temperature difference of MDF-1156ATN can be up to 182 degrees C. In the ultra-low temperature range below -100 degrees, the ordinary rigid imine ester insulation material will crack and bend. SANYO's specially designed low temperature resistant fluorinated rigid imide ester has an overall foaming thickness of 170mm, which can withstand extreme temperature difference and help maintain internal temperature stability.
Efficient oil separator for stabilizing ultra-low temperature environment
Compressor is constantly repeated high compression operation, so lubricating oil is very important to prevent wear and seizure. But when lubricating oil circulate in the refrigeration circuit, the pipeline will be blocked, which will damage the compressor. MDF-1156ATN uses a unique high efficiency oil separator to separate the lubricant from the refrigerant, thereby providing a stable ultra-low temperature environment.
Protection of all kinds of alarm and safety devices for valuable samples.
The microcomputer controlled filter can block the inspection function and protect the refrigeration circuit. When the temperature deviates from the set temperature of 15 C, the high temperature alarm automatically starts. When the power failure or temperature rise is abnormal, the power failure warning lamp and the buzzer will be activated. A remote alarm connection is equipped. It can also be equipped with liquid nitrogen backup device (ATN model standard) and auxiliary cooling.
Easy to use interior box design
Application 2 "and 3" international standard storage box.
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