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-80 centigrade medical cryogenic box (V.I.P. PLUS Series)

Ideal size for individual users
Refrigeration performance: -80 C
Effective volume: 84L
The use of space saving design can make effective use of laboratory space.
Simplified high efficiency refrigeration system
The power consumption of the newly developed single compressor system has been reduced by nearly 40%.
It is an ideal choice for laboratory equipment to adopt low noise design to ensure quiet and non interfering operation.
The new refrigeration circuit is suitable for the design of unfiltered network
The design of the filter free net eliminates the traditional cleaning steps for the condenser filter screen.
Patent structure
V.I.P. vacuum insulation board technology has been patented
SANYO's leading, revolutionary vacuum insulation structure reduces the thickness of the inner wall by nearly half. Without increasing the area, the storage capacity is 30% more than that of the traditional insulation box. Patent technology of V.I.P. vacuum insulation board
The maximum storage capacity in the limited space is achieved. When using multiple units, compared with the traditional heat preservation box, a lot of space can be saved.
Advanced cryogenic refrigeration system
The SANYO chain refrigeration system is designed for ultra low temperature applications. It can also show its performance and durability even when the temperature of the environment is high or when the door is open frequently. The cooling system can maintain precise temperature while it is quiet and energy-saving.
Precise temperature control of Microcomputers
The SANYO microcomputer control system adopts electronic components made by SANYO to ensure accurate and reliable ultra-low temperature operation.
Reliable Performance
State alarm
In order to improve reliable security, the state alarm function continuously monitors the surrounding environment and system status, and notified any abnormal condition before the problem arises.
Check the blockage of the filter network
The filter control function controlled by microcomputer can notify users to plug the condensate filter through the alarm lamp to protect the refrigeration circuit. (excluding MDF-C8V (N) without filter net).
Reduce frost
SANYO's unique combination of "door heating" line and insulated inner door, which is set up along the door seal, provides excellent air tightness to prevent frost from accumulating around the door.
Operation safety
Call the police
Warning lights and buzzer can provide reliable alarm for power failure and abnormal heating up. Besides, the internal temperature can be checked during the power failure through the standby battery.
When the temperature deviates from the set value of + 5 C to + 20 C, the high and low temperature alarm will be issued through audio-visual alarm.
Alarm return function ensures that the buzzer will resume operation when the buzzer is mute and the alarm condition persists.
The remote alarm contacts can be individually or group controlled.
It has the function of battery life notification, which can inform users of the accumulative time of battery usage.
Self diagnosis
Continuous monitoring of the operation is carried out through temperature sensors, filter sensors and cascade sensors.
If an exception occurs, the error code and the current cryogenic temperature will be displayed in turn.
In order to avoid unauthorized access to the interface of the cryogenic box, the key locking function prevents any changes made through the keyboard.
Delayed start
Generally speaking, every device in the laboratory will start at the same time when power failure is resumed. This will consume a large number of power supply and cause the voltage drop, which may cause the circuit breaker to trip again. SANYO's unique compressor startup delay function allows the compressor to delay the start of the power recovery for several minutes, thereby reducing and distributing the sudden power load during the power recovery recovery, making the laboratory run smoothly restarting. The start delay can be set to 2~15 minutes. The advantage of the system is that the starting interval of several medical cryogenic boxes can reach up to 15 minutes, thus ensuring uniform power load when power failure is resumed.
Usage method
data acquisition
The SANYO DAQ system is a software for collecting raw data, and can set up and monitor V.I.P. series medical cryogenic boxes remotely. (selected accessories)
Filter network for easy maintenance
The condenser filter screen is installed on the lower right side of the front panel to facilitate the dismantling and cleaning of the filter screen. (excluding MDF-C8V (N) without filter net)
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