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Sievers Innov0x laboratory type and online TOC analyzer

The GE analysis instrument department designed the Sievers* InnovOx total organic carbon (Total Organic Carbon, TOC) analyzer to provide industry leading sample handling durability. It ensures a long normal running time when measuring TOC in water, environmental water and wastewater. It provides both laboratory and online type, and InnovOx uses Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) technology to achieve higher reliability, ease of use, and low dimension protection compared with typical combustion or UV - persulfate TOC analyzer.
Advantages and characteristics
Wide range of dynamic determination - TOC determination from 0.5 to 50000 ppm
Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) can not be blown out of organic carbon (Non-Purgeable Organic Carbon, NPOC), total carbon (Total Carbon, TC) and total organic carbon TOC.
Sample treatment of durability - the use of innovative supercritical oxidation (SCWO) technology, no matter what organic compounds and particle impurities in the sample, the excellent TOC recovery can be obtained. InnovOx is capable of handling a wide range of traditional samples of difficult sample matrixes, including brine, cellulose and humic acid, with unprecedented reliability.
Simple operation online provides preset protocol and easy start. Both on-line and laboratory type have intuitive color touch screen interface, and do not need heater preheating and detector stable time.
Low maintenance and low operating costs - a firm design, InnovOx requires minimal operator intervention or protective maintenance, providing 6 months of calibration stability, using a solid-state non dispersive infrared (NDIR, Non-dispersive Infrared) detector.
Ethernet (Ethernet) web browser interface (laboratory type) - allows users to use an Ethernet interface based on a network - based interface and an instrument to monitor and control the operation and results of a remote control analyzer.
User configurable alarm and output (on-line type) - notifies users of water system accidents and starts remote monitoring of analysis results and performance.
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