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Common laboratory equipment

Common laboratory equipment

The kit includes: T18 basic type host + dispersing knife head (S18N-19G) or dispersing knife head (S18N-10G) +R1822 bracket, +R182 chuck, +RH3 container fixing clamp. Order number: 3561025+L004640 or
Characteristics of the instrument:High performance dispersive machine with a capacity of 0.25 to 30 litres (H2O).- three kinds of drive bearings - multiple fixed - rotor combinations- if you choose
Characteristics of the instrument: The high performance dispersing machine has a capacity of 1-2000 ml (H2O). The instrument can be used in many fields, such as sewage homogenization and laboratory re
Chemical products are usually made up of mixtures of many different raw materials, and the mixed dispersing system is often used to homogenate different substances. Magic LAB? It can be used as wet or
Characteristics of the instrument:The new heating magnetic stirrer has electronic timing function and issuitable for unmanned operation. - electronic timing: the shortest 1 minutes, the longest 9 ho
RCT basic suitKit includes: contact electronic thermometer ETS-D5 +H 16V stainless steel support + H 38 fixed support + H 44 chuck + IKAFLON IKAFLON 40 magnetic stirrer.Order number 3810025 + 337802
The IKA? R V 10 digital rotary evaporator inherits the basic type of high performance, high stability and versatile function, and the heating pot adds a high-precision digital display screen. The good
The RV10 controlled rotary evaporator is the flagship model of the IKA new rotary evaporator. It has all the functions of RV10 basic type and all the advantages of the RV10 digital graphics, and it ha
CM1950 is the latest generation of clinical frozen slicer. Compared with the previous frozen slicer, CM1950 has extraordinary performance in the aspects of user security, slicing quality and workflow
A new automatic rotary slicer can be sliced automatically or manually. The compact independent control panel effectively controls all important operations.The built-in control panel of the fuselage i
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