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Sievers Innov0x laboratory type TOC analyzer

Product profile (summary)
The latest developed Sievers* InnovOx total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer, which is developed by GE analyzer, is a breakthrough in the detection of TOC in the process of water and wastewater, and is able to analyze a variety of complex water samples. With the application of supercritical water oxidation (SCWO, GE has been patent), the newly designed SieversInnovOx analyzer is durable and can analyze large quantities of water samples, including high salt and cellulose solution, and have long system stable running time. No matter what samples are analyzed, Sievers InnovOx can show good analytical performance and system calibration stability.
Sievers InnovOx can be used for industrial program water samples, environmental samples and TOC analysis of wastewater; with high accuracy and accuracy, a wide range of TOC dynamic testing ranges (0.5 ppm to 50000ppm) and a variety of analytical modes: TC (total carbon), TIC (total inorganic carbon), TOC (total carbon) and NPOC (no organic carbon).
Sievers InnovOx is equipped with Ethernet, intuitive color touch LCD and 3 USB interfaces. Through web browser, remote control can be easily carried out. The USB interface is also very convenient for data transmission. Like other Sievers TOC analyzers, Sievers InnovOx is easy to use, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
Salient features
By using the innovative supercritical oxidation technology, the InnovOx has a super long system stable operation time.
It is suitable for testing salt, industrial process water samples, environmental samples and waste water. The operation is very simple.
Better system correction stability for up to 6 months
The oxidation byproducts, salts and particulates can be removed from the reactor after each measurement.
It can test the wide dynamic test range of TC, TIC, TOC and NPOC (0.5 ppm to 50000 ppm).
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