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Blue Dow radiation monitoring technology.

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The state law stipulates that all radiation workers should receive personal dose monitoring. For example, in the Department of Radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, interventional department and other departments of the hospital, they receive radiation exposure. Other workers, such as nuclear power station, industrial flaw detection, nuclear instrument, radiation processing, and container inspection personnel, are required to be exposed to radiation in other industrial, agricultural and scientific research activities.
Our company is the general agent of Beijing Randall Radiation Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang area.
Beijing blue dodl, founded in 1954, is the Landauer Inc (New York securities code LDR), the world's largest multinational enterprise specializing in personal and environmental radiation dose monitoring. Its personal dose monitoring service covers the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Japan and Brazil. The global monitoring number is over 150. Ten thousand people. Based on the development of its own business, in the mid decades of the last century, the R & D of the radiation dose monitoring technology was carried out by the blue dodl company and the multi country scientific research institutions. In 1997, the OSL dose monitoring technology was developed successfully, and this technology has successfully replaced the TLD technology which has been used for decades. Leading the field of radiation dose monitoring has entered a new era.
Beijing blue dodl Radiation Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd. has fully introduced the technology, equipment, quality management system and management model of the blue Dow company in the United States, and established the most perfect personal dose monitoring laboratory in China to carry out personal dose monitoring service in various industries. Among the employees of the company, 30% of the senior technicians in nuclear physics and radiation protection, 40% of the intermediate technicians and 10 people in the United States have been trained in technology, operation and management. The American blue Dow sends technical and managerial personnel to Beijing for training and technical review every year, which fully guarantees the company High quality operation. Beijing Randall has now become the largest personal dose monitoring agency in the country.
In early 2006, the Beijing Randall company introduced the most advanced OSL technology and gradually began to upgrade the thermoluminescence technology. At the same time, the company has authorized the American Randall company to start the sale of OSL technology InLight system. In view of the technical strength and equipment status of the company, the laboratory of the company is designated as the after service base for InLight equipment in China. It is responsible for the technical training, maintenance and maintenance of the InLight system users throughout the country.
Monitoring services:
Individual dose monitoring of 1 X, gamma, and beta external exposure

OSL slide

OSL dosimeter fittings

1.1 ray detection categories: X, gamma, beta;
1.2 dose detection range: 0.01mSv-10 Sv
1.3 detection energy range: Chi, Gamma: 5 keV- 20 MeV; beta: 150 keV- 10 MeV
The term of use: one week to one quarter.
Application: it is suitable for individual dose monitoring in all kinds of radioactive workplace without neutron radiation.
Individual dose monitoring of acromegaly at 2 X, gamma and beta external irradiation
Unit component thermoluminescence (TLD) U ring dosimeter is suitable for hand operating radiation sources, operation under X rays, and injecting radionuclides, and other types of hand personal dose monitoring that may be exposed to complex and non-uniform irradiation.
2.1 ray detection categories: X, gamma, beta; 2.2 dose
Detection range: 0.40mSv-10 Sv 2.3
Detection energy range: Chi, Gamma: >15keV; beta: >200 keV
The term of use: one week to one quarter.
Application: it is suitable for individual dose monitoring in all kinds of radioactive workplace without neutron radiation.

3 personal dose monitoring of neutron and X, gamma and beta irradiation
Beijing blue dodl has two dosimeters that can measure neutrons: IZ (F) dosimeters and IZ (T, F) dosimeters; IZ (F) dosimeters can measure radiation, gamma, beta and fast neutron radiation. IZ (T, F) dosimeters can measure gamma, beta, fast neutrons and thermal neutron radiation; they have passed national metrology certification.
3.2 fast neutron dosimeter
The IZ (F) dosimeter of Beijing Randall is able to measure fast neutrons. It is made up of a CR-39 detector and a OSL detector in the same chest box; when used, it is inserted into the plastic radiation rack (radiator) and then loaded with OSL slides in a chest box. Since neutron fields are generally accompanied by gamma radiation, the IZ (F) dosimeter can also measure the gamma radiation in the neutron field.

The term of use: one week to one quarter.
Applications: radiation without slow or moderately shielded fast neutron sources, such as Californium-252 and Am-Be neutron sources, accelerators, etc. The measured energy range: 40keV to 35MeV.
Detection lower limit: 0.20mSv.
3.3 thermal neutron dosimeter
The IZ (F, T) neutron dosimeter of Beijing bluander can measure both fast neutron and thermal neutron. This is due to its radiation frame has about two parts, part of which has boron film, part no, a part of thermal neutron and boron film, which produces an alpha particle. In the part of the CR-39 film with boron film, it will record its track, the other part of the region. The tracks of the backflushing protons are recorded, used in combination with the Landauer OSL dosimeter in the same chest box; it can also measure gamma radiation in the neutron field.
CR-39 and radiation frame for measuring thermal neutron
Term of use: one week to one quarter
Application area: radiation in the vicinity of graphite moderated neutron source, such as reactor.
The range of energy measured:
Thermal neutron: <0.5eV detection lower limit: 0.10mSv.
Fast neutron: lower limit of 40keV~35MeV detection: 0.20mSv.
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