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Life science instruments and equipment

Life science instruments and equipment

The ViiaTM 7 real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument has been tested by Applied Biosystems for reliability, sensitivity and accuracy, and has a new instrument performance designed for high y
The StepOnePiusTM system makes the advanced technology of real-time PCR easy to use, even for the first time users can quickly use it freely. This system detects the amplification data of each cycle,
Five color fluorescence can be detected simultaneously to support a variety of real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR applications, including: absolute quantitative, relative quantitative, allelic bas
The 7300 type real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR is an integrated platform for specific target gene detection and quantification. 7300 combining the PCR thermal cycle, fluorescence detection and
The innovative VeriFlexTM heating block enhances the PCR function for the VeriFlexTM96- hole thermal cycle instrument. Six independent Peltier heating blocks maximize the versatile and flexibility of
The versatile and easy to use 9700 PCR system gives you a wide range of recognised performance and the reliability of the earlier generation of Applied Biosystems 9600 and 2400 GeneAmp, and is fully c
Throughout the development of PCR technology, Applied Biosystems (ABI) has always been in the leading position in the development of PCR technology, and has the world's most extensive PCR users. The P
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