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Industry Temperature Measurement Thermal Imaging Camera

Industry Temperature Measurement Thermal Imaging Camera Characteristics* 2-meter drop resistance* 1.3 million pixels ccd image* Various temperature Measurement functions* IP54* JPEG Storage with Voic
LT3/ LT7
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Product parameters

Industry Temperature Measurement Thermal Imaging Camera




* 2-meter drop resistance

* 1.3 million pixels ccd image

* Various temperature Measurement functions

* IP54

* JPEG Storage with Voice Annotation

* High cost-effective



Technical Specifications

Items Technical Specification
Detector characteristics Detector type Un-cooled FPA micro-bolometer
Array size/format 160×120 384x288
Image characteristics Field of view/min focus distance 25°×19°/0.1m
Spatial resolution(IFOV) 2.72mrad 1.36mrad
Thermal sensitivity ≤0.06℃@30℃
Frame frequency 50Hz
Focus Manual
Zoom X2
Spectral range 8-14um
Built-in CCD camera 1.3 million pixels, COMS camera modules
Image display LCD display 2.7" TFT LCD, 320 x 240
Measurement Temperature ranges -20℃- +350℃ -20℃- +650℃
Accuracy ± 2 °C or ± 2% of reading, Whichever is greater
Measurement correction Automatic / manual
Measurement mode Up to 4 movable spots. Up to 3 movable areas
(maximum, minimum and average temperatures).
Up to 2 movable lines. Line profile. Isotherms.
Temperature difference. Alarm(voice, color)
Image control Color palette  11 palettes changeable
Image adjustment  Auto/manual gain and brightness
Setup functions Date/time, temperature unit, language
Emissivity correction Variable from 0.01 to 1.0
Background temperature correction Automatic corrections according to user input
Atmospheric transmission correction Automatic correction according to user input
object distance, humidity and temperature
Image storage Storage card 2G SD card, max 16G
Storage mode Manual/Auto single file saving,
IR and Visual image link saving
File format Thermal:JPEG with original thermal
measurement data included
Visual: JPEG
Voice annotation Input via built-in microphone up to 60 seconds of
digital voice clip per image stored with image
Laser pointer Laser locator Class 2, 1mw/635nm(red), IEC 60 285
Power source Battery type Li-Ion, rechargeable
Battery operating time 3 hours continuous operation
Battery charging mode Intelligent charger or power adaptor
12V(optional) to random charge
Power saving Auto-sleep and auto-shut down
External power 10-15V DC
Environment Operating temperature -15℃-- +50℃
Humidity Operating and storage:≤90% non-condensing
Encapsulation IP54
Drop test 2m
Physical characteristics Weight 980g
Dimension 105*245*230mm
Interface SD card slot Micro SD card slot
External DC input YES
Video output YES
USB Image, measurement data transfer


Application Range:


1. Electrical & Mechanical Industry

- Security Detection

- Insulation Failure

- Loose Interface Detection

- HVAC Defective

- Component Defective

- Repaire Verification

2. Building Industry

- Fastly Scan Exterior of the Buildings

- Make Accurate Preventive Maintenance Inside of the Room by Finding the Exact Location of the Water Leakage and Heat Leakage.

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