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GC-MS Spectrometer

GC-MS Spectrometer GC part GC Specifications1. Split/Splitless Inlet>Maximum operating temperature:450℃>Pressure control mode:Electronic pressure control(EPC),support CV and CC>Pressure range: 0
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GC-MS Spectrometer



GC part


GC Specifications

1.      Split/Splitless Inlet

>Maximum operating temperature:450℃

>Pressure control mode:Electronic pressure control(EPC),support CV and CC

>Pressure range: 0-100psi,±0.002psi

>Gas mode: Helium, Max. flow 1250mL/min

>Max. split ratio:1000:1

>Purge range:0-100mL/min

2.      Column oven

>Dimensions : 28cm×30cm×16cm

>Max. operating  time: 999.99min



MS part:


1.    Ion source

>Source : EI

>Ionization energy : 5 eV-250 eV

>IS Temperature : 100---350

>Dual filament

>Filament emission current :0-350 uA


2.    Mass analyzer- Quadrupole

>Mass range :1.5---1000 amu , step by 0.1amu

>Mass analyzer : metal quadrupole with pre-filter

>Resolution: unit resolution. 2M(FWHM) or better

>Stability :  +/-0.10 amu/48 hours

>Scan rate : up to 10000 amu/s

> MS interface: direct connection with capillary column


3.    Detector- EM

>Detection system : high-energy dynode electron multiplier with focusing lens


4.    Vacuum system

>Mechanical pump : pumping speed 5 m3/h

>Molecular pump : pumping speed 67 L/s

>Full scale cold cathode gauge


5.    Interface Temperature: Max. operation temperature 450


6.    Scan mode

>Full scan and Selective Ion Monitory (SIM) mode are available;

>SIM mode :16 channels ×16 groups;


7.    Software: GC-MS 6800-ChemAnalyst workstation

>Supports manual and automatic tuning, presentation of Total Ion Current (TIC) and Mass Chromatogram (MC)

>Data processing: Chromatograph/mass spectrum, mass spectrum background suppression, mass spectrum average, peak area computation presentation.

>The latest version and free online upgrade of NIST Library. Library search function.

>Analysis result output: mass spectrum, peak report, results of library search and calibration curve in specified format.Software interface as below:


Computer (Optional and charged additionally)

1.1 Configuration: OS – Windows 7 or Up

1.2 Memory: 2G or better

1.3 Monitor: 17” SVGA LCD

1.4 HD: 500G or more

1.5 DVD-ROM: 24X or more

1.6 CPU: Inter Core i3 or above

1.7 USB Port: 4 or more



>GC Column: 1 pack

>Helium gas cylinder

>Carries gas pipe


>Glass insert for split and Splitless


>Consumable kit: micro liter syringe, gasket, filter, glass insert, O-ring, ferrule, filament, nut, insulator, abrasive cloth, planer holder

>Mechanical vacuum pump: 1 unit

>Installation tools kit

>Auto sampler (Optional)

>Gas purification system: 1 set

>Cover of the instrument: 1 piece


Local Accessories

>Standard reagent

>Ventilation system

>Helium gas

>GC-MS table

>Sample preparation Kit


Necessary Technical Documents Enclosed

>Operation Manual

>Software and Data CD

>A List of the Parts

>Inspection Report

>CE certificate

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