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Micro Vapor Pressure Tester

VP TE-1000EA Microscale Vapor Pressure Determinator1、Product IntroductionVP TE-1000EA is the first full-automatic microscale vapor pressure determinator in China, Young-instruments knowing the need of
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VP TE-1000EA Microscale Vapor Pressure Determinator

1Product Introduction

VP TE-1000EA is the first full-automatic microscale vapor pressure determinator in China, Young-instruments knowing the need of professional clients, getting advice from all works of life of probation, taking “Accurate, Efficient” as the key design philosophy, finally building it after several years work. This instrument is suitable in the field of petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical engineering. It can be used to accurately test the vapor pressure of gasoline, aviation gasoline, crude oil, hydrocarbon and so on.



Coincident Standard

SH/T 0769, SH/T 0794, SN/T 2932;

          GB/T 8017, EN 13016-1, IP 394;

          ASTM D6378, ASTM D5191, ASTM D323.


3Product Characteristics

1)Most advanced Triple-expansion principle on the international, and the test level is in the lead of China.

2)The key components are all from world-class brand, which can promise the instrument keep long-time and stable work.

3)There is no need of pre-treating process of sample, only one button operation can finish the measuring process.

4)Full-automatic measuring can eliminate the error of manual operation.

5)1 ml sample only, and the measuring result can be obtained within 10 minutes.

6)Unique rinsing method can control the cross contamination of sample effectively and increase the measuring efficiency and accuracy.

7)The testing room is maintenance-free and can be used for high strength measuring task.

8)Level-to-level administration can realize the management control of accounts in different levels.

9)Professional industrial design, simple and elegant.

10)Friendly man-machine interaction,easy to understand, learn, and operate.

11)Ergonomics design, small, handiness and convenient to carry.

12)7 inches color LCD touch screen can display the experiment process dynamically.

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