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CO2 Incubator

CO2 Incubator The carbon dioxide incubator is a kind of biochemical experimental instrument for culture of cell tissues and bacteria; and a product indispensable for immunology, genetics and biologic
CO2 Incubator
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CO2 Incubator



The carbon dioxide incubator is a kind of biochemical experimental instrument for culture of cell tissues and bacteria; and a product indispensable for immunology, genetics and biological engineering research. It is applicable to life science, immunology, genetics, clinical medicine, agricultural science, pharmacology, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, toxicology, basic biological research and early clinical research.





User friendly

■ LCD touch-screen LCD for display and control: 5.6” LCD Display, TFT16-bit true color, graphical interface system, and touch-operation. Provide users with a simple and convenient mode of operation.

■ Programmed multi-segment parameter setting: meet the needs of a variety of experimental conditions; The device can set up multi-segment parameters according to actual situation to control operation of equipment.

■ Inner glass door design: the device is equipped with a well-sealed inner glass door to facilitate real-time observation by the experimenter of the samples in the device.

■ Large rounded mirror, stainless steel liner design: the liner is constructed of SUS304 stainless steel, which effectively reduces dirt residual and microbial growth on the wall and facilitates user’s daily cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.



■ Double safety early-warning system: the equipment is fitted with an electronic safety warning device and a mechanical self-contained temperature limiter, which effectively prevent abnormal operation from causing the failure of experiments due to the sudden malfunction of the equipment.

■ External gas pressure relief device: the device performs pressure relief filtration of high-pressure CO2 gas before it enters into the culture chamber. This can effectively avoid the confusion of wind guide structure within the box caused by high-pressure gas, and reduce the relative air vibration appropriately to ensure a good culture environment.


Performance Description

■ Thermal circulation system: reasonable recycling of excess heat generated in the device during running, accelerating the heating process, effectively reducing the heating time, and in the constant temperature process, appropriately decreasing the heat output of the heating tube and effectively increasing humidity in the incubator.

■ Technology of non-condensation wall : by means of the heat cycle, effectively reducing condensation of dew on the inner wall and glass door in high humidity conditions.

■ High-performance operating system: on the basis of WINDOWS CE system platform, device operating software loads large-capacity memory and high CPU to ensure efficient operation of equipment; users can also load necessary software into the equipment.

■ Multiple external interfaces: the device is equipped with USB interface and RS232 interface, making it easier for the user to operate the system by using the mouse, export a history of device operation and control the device remotely.

■ GPRS SMS warning and control system: terminal system via SMS, the device has been bound to the user mobile phone number to send anomalies tips,timely . Users can real-time access, modify equipment operating parameters through mobile number. The wireless remote control device meets user needs.



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