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The advanced technology in Agilent 1290 Infinity LC provides you with unlimited possibilities for separation, detection, automation, and flux analysis by applying a variety of challenges to HPLC, RRLC
Improve the HPLC standard 1260 Infinity LC increases the pressure upper limit of HPLC! The pressure upper limit of equal degree pump, four yuan pump and two yuan pump system is 600bar, the maximum flo
Higher sample analysis flux Fast column cooling, new anti blow function and advanced automation performance make the analysis time shorter and minimize the cost of each sample analysis. All of these c
ECD of the highest efficiency in the industry Agilent's electronic capture detector (ECD) combines unparalleled sensitivity and linearity with durability and reliability. Therefore, you do not need to
Stable and reliable analysis results The 7820A gas chromatography system provides excellent gas chromatographic performance for all conventional applications, including applications that must meet reg
As the final configuration of each system was tested strictly before the factory was launched, they started quickly and without fault. After opening the box, even the inexperienced users or users who
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