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Premium Stackable Shaking Incubators

We can offer new space-saving incubator shakers. This ZWYR- Series shaker (touch screen) can be stacked up to three units high
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Premium Stackable Shaking Incubators




We can offer new space-saving incubator shakers. This ZWYR- Series shaker (touch screen) can be stacked up to three units high, providing laboratory professionals tripled culture capacity, while still only occupying the same “footprint” of a single shaker. All models feature an insulated, fold-down door with double-layer glass window for high visibility. On all refrigerating models, microprocessor controller provides unmatched versatility by enable users to create personalized program (with up to 9 segments, with cycling) to automate changes to function parameters.




1. 5.6'' LCD 640x480 touch screen panel clearly indicates all parameters in one page display.

2. Fold-down door with door handle, and dedicated sliding shaking platform provide convenient access to your experiment products. Moreover, the top of the casing can be further used as a work area for locating small items of lab equipment etc.

3. The incubator casing is made of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel; together with high graded #304 stainless steel inner chambers with coved corners make it easy to clean with mild detergent.

4. The unit can be upgraded with CO2 and humidity control, with heated window glass to prevent condensation, perfect for cell culture. 

5. Heavy-duty, eccentric drive mechanism allows extended speed ranges from 30 to 300 RPM, ±1 RPM with minimized vibration, even when shakers are stacked of three high.

6. Robust brushless AC motor enables shaking motion quiet and smooth, even when unit is operating at top speed with maximum workload.

7. Non-volatile memory saves settings during a power outage and automatically restarts the unit after power is restored. 

8. Audible and visual alarms alert user of setpoint deviations. Audible alarm may be muted.

9. Heater shuts off when high-temperature limit is exceeded. Shaker stops when excess vibration is detected or when door is opened.

10. Interior chamber light enhances observation.

11. Predrilled platform and built-in printer as standard configuration, flask clamps excluded.




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