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Nicolet iS50 Fourier transform infrared spectrometer

Nicolet iS50 infrared spectrometer is a new product with high intelligence and modularization. It has a breakthrough optical and electronic design and an automatic optical system with various detection functions. The application function and operation control mode of the traditional infrared spectrometer are beyond the limit of the traditional infrared spectrometer, and the Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy is fully displayed. Innovation and development. This is a product of 6 delta lean design concept, with unprecedented integration, untranscendent flexibility and ultimate unbeatable simplicity. It is not only a simple infrared spectrometer, it is a flagship product that is beyond the traditional infrared design and is beyond imagination.
Automatic switching of all optical spectrum detection
The intelligent four heavy light source switching system, the built-in five detector automatic conversion system and the fast automatic collimating and accurate positioning three bit beam splitter automatic switching system, the breakthroughs optical and electronic design can cover the automatic switching of UV, visible, near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared spectrum range and Raman spectrum.
Unprecedented integration
1. integrated attenuated total reflection (ATR) detection module
It does not occupy the independent fixed mode of the sample bin, and has built-in high-performance ATR exclusive detector. The wide spectrum detection range can be from near to mid infrared to far-infrared 80cm-1.
2. integrated professional near-infrared integrating sphere and optical fiber detection module
Two independent high sensitivity InGaAs detectors and SMA standard interfaces are built to support various near infrared appendages and multi form optical fiber detection applications.
3. integrated micro FT-Raman module
Built in XYZ direction automatic detection platform and camera system, can realize fast imaging and Raman / infrared spectrum connection retrieval analysis.
The immobility of the failure to transcend
1., all integrated intelligent accessories and various commercial infrared accessories can be adaptable. The instrument can be combined freely according to various special applications.
2. support the introduction / extraction of the parallel or focused optical path of various external systems, which can be combined with a number of different detection devices, such as thermogravimetric infrared, gas phase infrared and rheological - infrared analysis.
3. can carry out all FTIR applications, such as step scan, time resolved spectrum, multi channel spectrum (polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectrum, vibration circle and vibration linear two color spectrum, etc.), surface plasmon resonance spectrum and other FTIR applications for high precision (superior to 0.2nm) control.
The simplicity of the ultimate invincibility
1. one button button automatically switches mode of acquisition, optimization of experimental parameters and output analysis results of intelligent operation mode.
2. real-time multimedia diagnostic self inspection system, automatic control of all optical selection parts and system verification device.
3. the intelligent humidity control system has the automatic closing function of the optical stand sample bin and the intelligent purging device.
Powerful software functions
1.Omnic provides various technology leading infrared detection methods, which can automatically perform spectral quality inspection and judgement. Quantitative calculation has automatic peak search, model editing, and so on. Advanced ATR correction can match the ATR detection spectrum with transmission detection spectrum with unique model operation function. Agreement。 The software includes automatic experiment setting, intelligent spectral analysis, multi mode library retrieval / building method, various reporting modes, continuous real-time system diagnosis and other functions. (infrared software was awarded the best laboratory software award in Laboratory Products Update magazine).
2. new infrared spectrum analysis, breakthrough technology, advanced material analysis software Omnic Specta, provides a new technology for mixture separation and Identification Search. It realizes a clear spectrum analysis of one key automatically. It can retrieve spectral chemical structure and give the relative content ratio of different components in a network. It provides full course multimedia teaching, and the operation is not necessary. Professional experience and operation interface can be used for multilingual switching in Chinese and English.
3.MercuryTGA patent technology, it automatically separates and obtains the components of each time point of the thermogravimetric infrared data, and gives the trend diagram of the change of each gas with time.
4.Mercury GC data analysis technology, which can automatically acquire component information of gas phase infrared data at each retention time.
Excellent hardware performance
1. stability: the latest generation high-speed digital signal processor developed on the basis of air bearing interferometer is used to control the electromagnetic interferometer. It has the function of automatic adjustment of three dimensional laser control and 130000 times high speed dynamic collimating function per second. The position precision is +0.2nm, with ultra high stability, and the infrared spectrum detection technology is higher. Standard. All the components of the instrument optical path system are precollimated to the needle positioning and intelligent control. The components can be combined arbitrarily, without any optical adjustment (including the focus of the detector and the communication connection without manual operation).
2. accuracy: the instrument completely follows the ASTM standard design, strictly according to the ASTM Fourier infrared spectrometer measurement standard requirements, the accuracy of the total spectral linearity of the instrument is better than that of 0.07%T, and the wave number precision is better than 0.005 cm-
3. sensitivity: the peak to peak signal to noise ratio (peak to peak signal to noise ratio), peak to peak signal to noise ratio: 5 second 4 cm-1 measurement, 13000:1; 1 minute 4 cm-1 measurement, is superior to 55000:1; the noise peak peak value is less than 7.89 '' 10-6Abs, when the ASTM standard linearity is better than the standard. The infrared light source of the instrument adopts the patent high energy PolarisTM long life, no "hot spot" effect, high stable light source, and high sensitive detection.
4. precision: the instrument is superior to the 0.09cm-1 high resolution configuration with automatic 230 gear precision continuously variable automatic control diaphragm, which can carry out accurate measurement of high resolution and various requirements, and the maximum control precision of the current Fourier infrared spectrum measurement.
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