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7820A gas chromatography system

Stable and reliable analysis results
The 7820A gas chromatography system provides excellent gas chromatographic performance for all conventional applications, including applications that must meet regulatory requirements. The widely verified Agilent electronic gas path control (EPC) and digital electronic technology ensure excellent repeatability, reliable accuracy and precision.
For all users - easy to learn, easy to use
The 7820A gas chromatography system has an intuitive user interface and a control ammonium bond with only five control buttons, even if it is easy to operate for users who are less experienced or rarely used by the instrument. Gas path adjustment does not require the use of barometer or manual gas control knob, while improving the system performance, it also reduces the possibility of operational error. The 7820A gas chromatography system has built-in diagnostic function, and also adopts a convenient and practical industrial design to make it more convenient to maintain.
Agilent provides you with high quality and reliable Agilent products.
If you pursue high quality, why are you only satisfied with "good enough"? 7820A gas chromatograph takes the advanced gas chromatography technology and high quality as an industry leader for more than 40 years. The reliability of its products and the stability of instrument under the most stringent operating conditions are well known all over the world.
The practical choice of your laboratory analysis
Now any laboratory can use the Agilent's reliable instruments, general software, and the overall solutions of chromatographic columns and spare parts suitable for various applications to achieve their own analysis purposes. This new durable gas chromatograph optimizes the performance of conventional analysis while reducing the complexity of the analysis process. It is built by Agilent's strict quality control. Its shape is compact and the price is reasonable. It has the perfect quality you expect for the leaders of the GC industry. The reliability and stability of Agilent's instruments under the most stringent operating conditions has won worldwide fame.
Using automatic sampling can achieve better reproducibility and higher efficiency.
The Agilent 7693A automatic injector can eliminate the error caused by manual sampling and improve the analytical flux of the laboratory. The automatic injector has up to 16 2 mL sample bottles, which not only greatly improves the flexibility of the sample processing, but also realizes complete automation from sampling to final report.
Agilent's J&W capillary gas chromatographic column and spare parts - consistently high performance and reliability
Agilent's J&W gas chromatographic column has the lowest loss, the highest inertness, and the good repeatability between columns and columns. Agilent's high quality consumables are more conducive to maintaining routinely and further enhancing your confidence in the analysis results.
Enterprise regulations follow certification services
Agilent's enterprise edition follows the certification service to provide a reliable and durable verification method for your entire enterprise. It is a comprehensive verification protocol based on the full automation software - the Compliance Engine - an application for a patent - a consistent configuration of electronic reports, records, and signatures, which helps you speed up the regulatory review and minimize the risk of compliance with the rules.
Agilent's user service and support function guarantee longer operation time of the instrument.
The hardware and software design functions of the 7820A gas chromatography system further improve the operation simplicity of the instrument. The software system setup steps guide allows you to set up your own new system and run it without the need of Agilent's technical service staff to help you with your home settings.
Of course, Agilent's international first-class user service engineer and authorized support service partner can provide you with all Agilent services, including installation, on-site demonstration, training, maintenance, maintenance, and compliance certification services.
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