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Tank microwave digestion instrument

The Hanon TANK microwave digestion instrument adopts the international advanced double frequency magnetron frequency conversion microwave heating system, and realizes the high power microwave balance magnetic field safe heating. The product R & D and production always adhere to the strict safety and complete recovery principle of sample, and adopt multiple stringent safety guarantee mechanism to ensure that TANK has the highest level of safety performance and sample recovery. At the same time, the highly intelligent human-computer dialogue operating system of TANK makes the experiment process efficient, convenient and humanized, and brings safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for scientists and technicians.
Wireless control module
Based on Wi-Fi technology, it can not only control the point to point of the computer and microwave digestion instrument, but also make use of the LAN Wireless router to control the computer without affecting the computer access to the Internet. It embodies the product concept of TANK microwave digestion instrument "comfort experiment, safety experiment", so that users with great psychological pressure on safety can keep away from pressure.
Optical fiber temperature control system
The international advanced optical fiber temperature control system ensures accurate temperature control, and more importantly, avoids the danger caused by sparks caused by other temperature measuring methods. The optical fiber temperature control system can not only achieve precise temperature control, but also is the most safe way of microwave digestion and temperature control.
Dual magnetron frequency control system
The dual magnetron variable frequency control system regulates the output power of microwave in real time according to the feedback of temperature and pressure, realizes the continuous non pulse output of microwave, ensures the uniformity of the microwave magnetic field in the cavity, and ensures the consistency of the experimental sample digestion.
A stable and reliable operating system
The ARM chip, which is most suitable for experimental equipment, is equipped with UCOS- II operating system. It runs stably and reliably, and has quick operation.
The temperature measurement optical fiber of the sea energy microwave digestion instrument is integrated with multi core fiber, fiber diameter 2mm, external use of Teflon protective layer, small bending radius, flexiability and flexibility, and other multiple protective measures. The service life is more than 5 times the single core fiber.
Microwave digestion instrument has been widely used in the fields of food, textile, plastics, geology, metallurgy, coal, biomedicine, petrochemical, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment, battery manufacturing, cosmetics and so on. Sea energy application engineers have developed hundreds of solutions for various industries. Some of the solutions are as follows:
Food and agricultural and sideline products: rice, tea, calcium milk biscuits, chocolate, dried shrimps, dried seaweed, milk, coffee, peanuts, oatmeal, milk powder, peanut oil, milk powder, peanut oil, bread, wolfberry, black sesame paste, apple, tomato, shrimp, rice, orange, fresh juice, carrots, winter jujube, celery Vegetables, corn oil, pork, Chinese cabbage, soybeans, hawthorn slices, soy sauce, instant noodles, convenient fabric bags, chewing gum, white wine, beef jerky.
Environment: urban waste water, scrap copper wire, waste circuit board, tail coal, atmospheric filter membrane, sludge.
Plastics: nylon, PVC, silica gel tube.
Daily and chemical products: laundry soap, hand cream, shower gel, powder, moisturizing cream.
Geological minerals: chromium ore, iron ore, borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass, copper wire.
Clinical medicine: hollow capsule, honeysuckle buccal tablet, hair.
Agriculture: soil, phosphogypsum, dried orange, feed and rice.
Main features and advantages
Multi safety protection function. It has more than 20 materials or functions that are specially selected for safety.
Optical fiber temperature measurement can effectively avoid the risk of sparking.
TANK PRO: -40 C ~305 C
TANK Basic: 0 C ~305 C
TANK ECO: 0 C ~305 C
Double magnetron frequency conversion control system, continuously adjust the output of the microwave, the magnetic field of the microwave is more uniform, and the control is more precise.
High precision pressure sensor to achieve precise pressure control, pressure accuracy up to + 0.01MPa.
The inner tank adopts TFM material, the tank lid adopts PFA material, the pressure shrapnel adopts PEEK material, the outer tank adopts high strength aerospace composite material, and the maximum withstand voltage can reach 80MPa. (TANK PRO unique)
The COT real-time temperature and pressure abnormal monitoring system adds a guarantee for safety. (TANK PRO unique)
PRO version of the unique double screen design, coupled with a 5 inch LCD LCD color display, through the internal camera real-time monitoring of the operation of the internal digestion tank. (TANK PRO unique)
LCD color 7 Inch Touch screen real-time display of working state and temperature and pressure curve.
The built-in expert method library can also edit and store user methods by itself.
The whole frame type design, compact structure, realization modularization, the most concise design embodies the ideal of the sea, and provides great convenience for the upgrading and maintenance of the instrument.
The wireless control module can freely control the microwave digestion instrument in the laboratory.


Technical indicators


Edition PRO Edition BASIC ECO
Microwave cavity 48 liter 316L stainless steel resonant cavity 48 liter 316L stainless steel resonant cavity 48 liter 316L stainless steel resonant cavity
Cavity protected Teflon layer 10 layers 8 layers 6 layers
output power 1600W 1600W 1600W
Digestion method 50 kinds of built-in, 100 kinds of self - made 20 kinds of built-in, 50 kinds of self - made 15 kinds of built-in, 30 kinds of self - made
Maximum temperature 305℃ 305℃ 305℃
Precision of temperature measurement ±1℃ ±1℃ ±1℃,
Temperature control mode Fuzzy PID 模糊PID 模糊PID
Precision of pressure measurement ±0.01MPa ±0.01MPa ±0.01MPa
Digestion tank volume 100mL 100mL 100mL
Monitoring and control of backup temperature and pressure COT temperature and pressure anomaly monitoring system nothing nothing
Digestion tank number The 1-12 The 1-12 Ten
Cooling mode Intracavity forced air cooling / external air cooling Intracavity forced air cooling / external air cooling Intracavity forced air cooling / external air cooling
communication interface USB, serial port nothingnothing  
Wireless control module yes nothing nothing
Power Supply 220VAC±10%  50Hz  220VAC±10%  50Hz 220VAC±10%  50Hz
Voltage anomaly detection yes yes yes
Shape size 520mm×595mm×660mm 520mm×595mm×660mm 520mm×595mm×660mm
curb weight 67 Kg 67 Kg 67 Kg


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