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SOX406 fat analyzer

Hanon SOX406 fat analyzer is the basic principle of soaking, extraction, leaching, heating, condensation and solvent recovery. The automatic temperature controlled and fully sealed metal bath heating mode is adopted to make the instrument more uniform, safe and reliable, and has good sealing facilities. It can test 6 samples at the same time, without three wastes. In operation, the optimum temperature can be selected according to the difference of boiling point and natural temperature of the reagent, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid determination. The reagents can also be recycled, reduce the cost of the experiment, and can do soaking and extracting solvent recovery once, and can quickly separate one or a class of material from solid mixture or semisolid material. The instrument has the advantages of reasonable design, stable performance, good reproducibility, high accuracy, convenient operation, time saving and labor saving.
Performance characteristics
The whole metal bath heating module is used for heating. The temperature range is wide and the temperature control accuracy is high.
Circuit and extraction space are completely isolated to enhance system security.
The instrument has the function of timing and timing
With over temperature alarm and timing reminding function
Sound, light, LCD screen, text prompt three alarm system
Rich interface content, synchronous display of setting temperature, actual temperature, setting time and heating timing.
Lifting and connecting of linear bearing transmission technology, lifting operation is flexible.
Intelligent man-machine dialogue control system
The unique air insulation technology keeps the shell of the body at room temperature, and has double functions of heat insulation and thermal insulation.
Adopt 4.3 inch LCD screen, microcomputer control system.
360 degree omnidirectional safety design
The device uses the circuit and the extraction space to complete the isolation design. The unique air insulation technology can effectively improve the thermal insulation characteristics of the machine, and make the equipment housing in the normal temperature state. The built-in multiple warning function can alarm alerts through voice, light signal and screen display in case of over temperature and timeout.
Holistic metal heating
The instrument adopts automatic temperature control fully sealed metal bath heating mode and can test 6 samples at the same time. The intelligent human-machine dialogue control system synchronously displays setting temperature, actual temperature, setting time and heating timing through rich interface content. The optimum temperature can be selected according to the difference between the reagent boiling point and the natural temperature. Degree, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid determination.
A durable design concept
The Hanon SOX406 fat tester has a precise timing reminding function. When the alarm system is overheated, the users are prompted by three modes of sound, light and liquid crystal screen. The machine uses a special anti-corrosion technology to effectively avoid the influence of the environment on the machine. The integrated metal bath heating module makes the temperature control range wider and extends the life of the heating plate effectively. Built in professional PID temperature control system, the temperature control accuracy is less than 1 degrees.
Scope of application
The SOX406 fat analyzer can quickly separate one or a class of substances from solid or semi solid substances. The soluble organic compounds in food, feed, medicine, soil, sludge, polymer, fiber, petrochemical products, detergent, rubber, plastic and other substances can be determined.
For example, 1. fast and safe determination of fat in food, feed, grain and seeds.
2. extraction of semi volatile organic compounds in soil, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
3. extract oil from waste water and sludge.
4. extraction of plasticizers in plastics, rosin in paper, paperboard, Oils and fats in leather, etc.
5. digestion pretreatment for solid samples by gas chromatography and liquid chromatography


technical parameter

temperature range Room temperature +5 C ~ 280 C
Range of determination 0~100%
control accuracy ±1℃
Determination of the weight of the sample 0.5g ~ 15g (constant 2g~5g)
processing capacity 6 / batch
Heating cup volume 80mL
Solvent recovery ≥80%
Determination time Shorten 20 to 80% than traditional methods
Power Supply 220 VAC ±10% 50Hz
Rated power 1KW
Shape size (long x wide x high) 650mm×320mm×715mm
Net weight 35Kg


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