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Adiabatic Reaction Calorimeter TAC-500AE

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As an adiabatic reaction calorimeter, TAC-500AE with low cost is easy to operate and it can produce accurate test results and support all main calorimetric modes. Responsive, sensitive and accurate adiabatic tracking performance ensures true and complete thermal and pressure change data and accurate key indicators of thermal safety such as TD24, TMRad, and SADT. Application field: synthetic development, chemical risk assessment, thermal stability assessment of chemical storage and transportation, and chemical thermodynamics studies in the field of petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, energy-containing materials, new energy, etc.
Product Features
1. Advanced continuously closed cup flash point test method is adopted for higher precision and efficiency
2. Small sample size, low cost of testing, and low pollution
3. Continuously closed cup operation without open flame, which is highly safe
4. With built-in refrigeration module, which ensures wide test range of flash test and fast cooling speed
5. Preset standard test method able to relate to other closed up methods
6. Full-automatic test and automatic flash point calibration with atmospheric pressure
7. Real-time display of temperature and pressure curve for more direct test process
8. The test result includes temperature-pressure rise curve to provide more flash point information
Convenient:Automatic lid lifting and loweringand one-touch operation
Countertop:Small-sized, so it is easy to place and operate
Accurate:Temperature resolution <0.001 C, detection threshold <0.01 C/min
Safe:Multiple overheating or overpressure protection
Technical Specification
Working environment 5°C〜40°C,<85%RH
Temperature control scope 50°C〜500°C
Temperature tracking rate 0.01°C/min〜0.02°C/min
Temperature detection threshold 0.01°C/min〜40°C/min
Resolution of temperature 0.001 °C
Pressure scope 0 〜20MPa
Resolution of pressure 1kPa
Sample cell specification Stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy alloy (optional)
Phi Value    ≤1.35
Phi Value     1KW
Port USB and RJ45
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
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