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Rapid Screening Calorimeter RSC-400AE

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As a professional screening calorimeter, RSC-400AE can rapidly assess therisk ofthemal hazard, and it with low cost is multifunctional, flexible and easy to use. And it can support multiple temperature scanning modes and attain the data of salorimetrx, pressure, and gas production and relief. Application field: the instrument can be usedin the fields of fine chemicals, phamaceuticals, scientific research, and applied for rapid scanning of chemical themal stability, chemical reaction hazard screening and themodynamics research, etc.
Product Features
1. Dual channel which makes tests more effective and accurate
2. Possess the great sample volume and pressure data that DSC/DTA doesn't have
3. Support isothermal mode,scan mode,dual-scan mode
4. Equipped with professional data analysis software so that the data such as the initial point of temperature/pressure mutation,peak temperature/pressure, temperature/pressure rising rate and reaction heat can be attained
5. Possess functions of test status indication and warning in case of overpressure and overtemperature
6. Able to have inert gas in for fast cooling of the furmace
7. Automatic locking of lid and automatic opening when pressure and temperature in the furmace reach the safe range
Dual channel:Reference can improve test accuracy
Accurate:Temperature resolution<0.01℃
Measurement on gram scal:8 mL sample cell
Safe:Multiple overheating or overpressure protection
Technical Specification
Working environment 5°C〜40°C,<85%RH
Temperature control scope 50°C〜400°C
Rate of raising temperature 1°C/min〜10°C/min
Resolution of temperature 0.01 ℃
Pressure scope 0 〜20MPa
Resolution of pressure 1kPa
Sample cell specification 8 mL
Sample cell material Stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy alloy (optional)
Port  USB and RJ45
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power  800W
Dimension 310mm*280mm*350mm
Weight 15.5kg
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