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Explosion Range Tester HWP21-30SE

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Explosion Range Tester HWP21-30SE dedicated to testing and evaluating the combustion hazard of gases and flammable vapors, is applicable to measuring the upper flammability limit (UFL) and lower flammability limit (LFL) of gases, vapors or a combustible mixture of vapor and air at standard atmosphere pressure and a set temperature, and the test result can be used as an important reference factor for fire risk assessment.Application Field: chemical industry, pharmaceutical, pesticide, new energy, and scientific research.
Test Standard
The test conforms to test methods of explosion limits of ASTM E681 chemicals (liquids and gases).
Product Features
• Optional round glass test container of 5L and 12L and good compatibility
• Equipped with pressure relief door and spring loaded pressure relief mechanism
• Dual interlock device protection which ensures that if the door is not close, the ignition will fail to work
• Equipped with remote control ignition device, which can protect experimenters from danger
• Integrated design of heating and cooling which makes the structure compact
• Equipped with high-precision pressure sensors which can automatically and accurately control the concentration ratio of partial pressure
• Magnetic stirring adopted to fully mix gases
• Automatically clean sample containers and combustion products
• Protective doors with anti-fog viewing windows and rear pressure relief doors adopted, which are safe and convenient for observation
• The video surveillance system will record the experimental process, so that the final result can be observed and evaluated through the playback
Safe:Equipped with double pressure relief protection and remote ignition device
Convenient:Control temperature, clear and distribute gas automatically
Accurate:Record with the high-speed camera which is capable of reaching up 100 frames per second
Multipath:Compatible with gas, liquid, solid and low pressure
Technical Specification
Working environment 5°C〜40°C,<85%RH
Test object Gases, vaporizable liquids or solids
Gas inlet channel 2 channels
Temperature control  0°C〜180°C
Range of the cabinet Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Resolution of temperature measurement 0.1 ℃
Sample temperature ±0.5℃
Measurement accuracy Pressure measurement scope 100Pa〜110kPa                                                                  
Pressure measurement accuracy ±0.1%FS
Vacuum degree that the container is able to reach <1.33kPa
Spark gap of igniter 6.4mm
Arc voltage/electric 15.0kV/30mA
Current of igniter Spark Duration 0s〜1s
5L Glass Container's Size The diameter is about 222mm, and the height is about 305mm
12L Glass Container's Size     The diameter is about 295mm, and the height is about 378mm
Stirring Speed >300rpm
Port USB
Power supply     AC220V/50Hz
Power     3000W
Dimension 930mm*600mm*1100mm
Weight     200.0kg


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