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Microscale Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point Apparatus FP CC-400AE

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FP CC-400AE is a microscale continuously closed cup flash point apparatus for liquids and solids, using the method of microscale continuously closed cup. Only 1-2mL of test sample are required, combining with the method of continuously closed cup and automatic ignition by arc and using Peltier temperature control technology which ensures that the test process is safe and effective. And high-precision temperature and pressure sensors ensure the measurement accuracy of flash points. The instrument is widely applied in petrochemical industry, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, new energy and other relevant fields for risk assessment of flashover. Application Field: closed flash points of petroleum products, transformer oil, steam turbine oil, coatings, spices, oil-based wood preservative, aromatic oil, animal and vegetable oil, pesticide emulsifiers, high-viscosity materials, plasticizers and other substances.
Test Standard
FP CC-400AE determines flash points according to ASTM D6450 and advanced ASTM D7094 standard. This procedure with the highest repeatability and reproducibility explains the “Standard Test Method for Flash Point by Modified Continuously Closed Cup (MCCCFP)”, correlates well with the D93 Pensky-Martens, and the conclusion is attained through continuous cycling tests that “there is no statistically significant difference in test results between ASTM D7094 and ASTM D93A”.
Product Features
• Advanced continuously closed cup flash point test method is adopted for higher precision and efficiency
• Small sample size, low cost of testing, and low pollution
• Continuously closed cup operation without open flame,
which is highly safe
• With built-in refrigeration module, which ensures wide test range of flash test and fast cooling speed
• Preset standard test method able to relate to other closed up methods
• Full-automatic test and automatic flash point calibration with atmospheric pressure
• Real-time display of temperature and pressure curve for more direct test process
• The test result includes temperature-pressure rise curve to provide more flash point information
Microscale:Only require 1-2mL of sample per test
Accurate:Intelligent sensing effectively improves the measurement accuracy
Safe:Ignition by electric arcs without an open flame throughout the process
Efficient:Outstanding rate of rising and lowering temperature and temperature control accuracy
Technical Specification
Working environment 5°C〜30°C,<85%RH
Temperature range 5℃〜260℃
(with low-temperature modules)
(with high-temperature modules)
(both low-temperature and high-temperature modules)
Rate of raising temperature 2.5±0.3°C/min, 5.5±0.5°C/min,
1.0°C/min 〜10.0°C/min (user-defined)
Temperature measurementaccuracy ±0.1°C
Pressure measurement scope  0kPa 〜200kPa
Sample volume 1mL or 2mL
Ignition mode High-voltage ignition
Stirring speed 50rpm 〜300rpm
(which can be set by the software)
Storage space 5000 test results
Port RS232*1, RJ45*1, USB*2
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power 300W
Dimension 225mm*310mm*415mm
Weight 13.5kg


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