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Microscale Vapor Pressure Determination Instrument VP TE-1000AE

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VP TE-1000AE is a highly versatile portable vapor pressure tester, developed by the three-stage expansion method. It has the outstanding advantages of measurement accuracy, nice repeatability and high automation degree. This instrument can accurately measure the vapor pressure generated in a vacuum by gasoline, jet fuel, hydrocarbon solvents, light petroleum distillates and products, chemical reagents and other substance. Application Field: petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, new energy, etc.
Field of Application
The ASTM D6378 test method measures the vapor pressure (VPX) of petroleum products, hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon-oxygenate mixtures (three-stage expansion method).
ASTM D5191 standard test method for vapor pressure of petroleum products (mini method)
The standard “mini method" does not require a vacuum pump and the dry vapor pressure equivalent (DVPE) can be calculated by the formula. Prepare the sample before the test, including cooling of the sample to 0°C (32°F) and triple air saturation prior to the measurement
ASTM D323 is a standard test method for vapor pressure of petroleum products (Reid Method)
EN 13016-1 liquid petroleum products - vapor pressure - Part 1: determination of air saturated vapor pressure (ASVP) and calculated dry vapor.
IP 394 international test method for vapor pressure of gasoline and crude oil
Product Features
• Adopt the advanced international three-stage expansion method
• One-touch experimental operation without sample pretreatment
• Fully automated detection which can avoid errors made by manual operation
• Attain the result taking as short as 10mins with the sample volume of only 1mL
• Can flexibly set multiple temperature sensing points and automatically detect, quickly creating the temperature and pressure comparison table
• Unique cleaning method which can effectively control cross-contamination of the sample, improving test's efficiency and accuracy
• The measuring chamber doesn't require maintenance which can be used for high-intensity tests
• Harmonious human-machine interaction which is easy for people to learn and understand how to operate machine
• Ergonomically designed, so it is small, light and portable
Accurate:Repeatability of the measurement <0.3kPa
Microscale:Sample Volume 1mL
Efficient:Test Time <10mins
Safe:Multiple overheating or overpressure protection
Technical Specification
Working environment 5°C〜40°C,<85%RH
Temperature range 0°C〜100°C
Temperature Stability 士0.1T
Pressure measurement scope 1.0kPa~1000.0kPa
Resolution of pressure 0.01kPa
Repeatability <0.3kPa(@37.8T,70kPa)
Repro ducibility <0.7kPa(@37.8T,70kPa)
Sample test volume 1mL(total 10mL with cleaning required)
Gas-liquid ratio   0.02:1~4:1
Port RS232*1,RJ45*1,USB*2
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power 150W
Dimension 225mm*290mm*390mm
Weight 12kg
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