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7890A gas chromatograph

The performance and reliability of Agilent
The fifth generation electronic gas path control (EPC) and digital circuits set new benchmarks for the precision of the reserved time locking (RTL), so that the reliability of the Agilent 7890A GC has reached an unprecedented height.
Higher efficiency
Faster column box cooling rate, stronger back blow function, advanced automation features and faster GC/MS column box heating rate make your analysis time shorter, and each sample has a lower analysis cost - all of which are easily integrated into your existing methods.
Extended chromatographic function
Highly flexible EPC design makes it possible for more complex hydrocarbon analysis. The optional third detectors (TCD) can accelerate complex gas analysis and run more types of analysis on a single GC.
Easier operation
The powerful and intuitive software simplifies the setup of the method and the operation of the system, and the training time is greatly shortened. Practical and time-saving design accelerates and simplifies routine maintenance.

ECD of the highest efficiency in the industry
Agilent's electronic capture detector (ECD) combines unparalleled sensitivity and linearity with durability and reliability. Therefore, you do not need to concentrate the very dilute samples, nor do you need to dilute the samples with high concentration to fall within the range.
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