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Agilent 7890B gas chromatograph

Higher sample analysis flux
Fast column cooling, new anti blow function and advanced automation performance make the analysis time shorter and minimize the cost of each sample analysis. All of these can be easily integrated into your existing methods.
New integrated intelligent function
The early maintenance feedback function enables you to quickly replace parts and solve them before they are shut down. Built in calculators and method conversion software are also integrated into data system software to simplify method establishment and system operation. More importantly, the improved GC MSD direct communication reduces the release time by up to 40%, and prevents the damage to the system caused by the carrier gas disconnection in the downtime.
Extended chromatographic function
The flexible EPC design can carry out complex analysis, and can choose third detectors (TCD or ECD) to achieve one machine multipurpose.
Faster, more intuitive software
The new Agilent OpenLAB CDS software increases the speed of data processing by 40 times and adds more tools and guides to help you turn the result into an answer faster.
Protection of active compounds from beginning to end
Agilent has now applied proprietary deactivation techniques to new shunt / non distributary injector, ultra-high inert liners, splitter plates, chromatographic columns, and improved detectors, so as to ensure full flow inertia from the inlet to the detector.
Enhanced injection port and detector module
A variety of module enhancements enable you to customize the gas chromatography system in a few minutes to meet changing application requirements.
Latest integrated system maintenance and component search tools
Simplified maintenance and instrument status monitoring functions can reduce downtime and reduce operating costs. Three dimensional graphical tools can speed up the search of consumables and parts.
Enhanced micro plate flow control (CFT)
The micro plate flow control module can realize the leakless connection in the column box, and improve the analysis flux and reliability. A simple setup wizard can help you quickly start and run the device.
A wide selection of system components
It is used to configure the system and automate the system, so as to improve efficiency and productivity, and expand the analytical capability.
Reducing the dependence on helium
The integrated calculator can help you convert helium into a more feasible and cheaper way, such as hydrogen or nitrogen.
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