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1260 Infinity LC

Improve the HPLC standard
1260 Infinity LC increases the pressure upper limit of HPLC! The pressure upper limit of equal degree pump, four yuan pump and two yuan pump system is 600bar, the maximum flow rate can reach 5 mL/ minutes. When the pressure upper limit of the equal degree pump and the four yuan pump system is 200 bar, the velocity can be up to 10mL/ minutes, and the detection rate of 80Hz and the sensitivity of 10 times increase, so that the generality can reach the new level and the higher separation degree can be achieved. And faster separation speed.
100% HPLC compatibility
On a system, you can run the HPLC method that has been built and verified (without changing), or push RRLC to new performance level.
An infinite variety of choices
The modular design concept of 1260 Infinity LC and the wide selection of solvent delivery, sampling and testing allows you to properly configure the system you need in accordance with the requirements for chromatographic performance and flexibility. No matter what your application needs, you can gain higher quality data with confidence and get results faster. Mix and collocate the modules to configure the following system:
• analytical LC of two yuan, four yuan, or isometric elution
• low flow velocity LC for capillary or nanofild flow velocity
Micro, analytical or preparative purification
• LC or LC/MS solutions based on workflow and application: automation method development, multi methods, unattended, high-throughput or high capacity solutions.
    1260 Infinity four element pump liquid chromatography system
Whether you are in a drug or chemical quality assurance laboratory, an environment or a food analysis laboratory, or a university or a government laboratory, the 1260 Infinity four yuan liquid chromatography system is an ideal tool to meet your liquid chromatography needs. Configuring the system according to user requirements - manual injection for conventional analysis, variable wavelength detection, high end systems for multi column selection and high sensitivity diode array detection for method development - all are based on the 1200 Infinity series of the same manufacturer - Agilent. Moreover, all configurations can be supported by Agilent chromatography data system and most third party software. No matter how you set up your 1260 Infinity four yuan pump liquid chromatography system, you will have more advantages than other "standard" HPLC systems. Especially when you choose the new 1260Infinity diode array detector.

1260 Infinity iso - degree pump liquid chromatography system
1260 the Infinity isocratic liquid chromatography system is very suitable for the simple separation challenges such as gradient separation, such as multi QA/QC method, GPC or SEC analysis. The flow range of 1260Infinity isocratic liquid chromatography can be as high as 10 mL/ minutes, and can also be used for semi preparative separation.


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