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1290 Infinity LC

The advanced technology in Agilent 1290 Infinity LC provides you with unlimited possibilities for separation, detection, automation, and flux analysis by applying a variety of challenges to HPLC, RRLC, or UHPLC. It is also the first system to transfer with any Agilent or Agilent HPLC or UHPLC system. Agilent's new intelligent system simulation technology (ISET) makes 1290 Infinity LC the first really universal system in the world - to perform any traditional HPLC or the latest UHPLC method, all of which can get the same chromatographic results - everything can be easily done by clicking on the mouse.
Limitless high chromatographic performance
The 1290 Infinity LC system provides first-rate performance in terms of unit time separation, sensitivity, accuracy and accuracy in LC/UV and LC/MS applications through the adoption of innovative components.
Active damping provides first-class gradient performance and retention time accuracy.
The Agilent Jet Weaver mixer, which contains a patented multi-layer microfluidic technology, achieves ultra fast gradient and minimum baseline noise.
The Agilent maximum intensity card sleeve flow cell with microfluidic optical waveguide technology provides the highest sensitivity and the best baseline stability.
Infinite flexibility
From regular HPLC to RRLC and UHPLC, 1290 Infinity LC has an analytical capability of 2 mL/min below 1200 bar, 5 mL/min under 800 bar, and you can choose any analysis and separation conditions for column specification, packing type, flow and fixed phase, temperature, flow rate and pressure.
If you need to make a perfect transfer between the instruments, just use the Agilent's new intelligent system simulation technology (ISET) to simulate other LC systems
Various sampling options meet your requirements for speed, minimum cross contamination or cooling capacity.
Agilent quick replacement valve has achieved the goal of resource saving in the development of ultra high throughput, multi method application and automation methods.
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