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Agilent Cary 100/300 UV-VIS

Agilent Cary 100/300 UV-Vis ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer
Agilent Co Cary series UV - VIS spectrophotometer not only has outstanding performance, flexible configuration, but also easy to operate, and can bring more surprises to the user. The Agilent Co UV - VIS spectrophotometer can not only meet your current needs, but also meet your future needs. It is a top instrument beyond your expectation. The application requirements of all UV visible spectrophotometer in the laboratory, Agilent Co's Cary series ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer can meet the requirements. Cary 100 is an ideal tool for routine laboratory analysis, and Cary 300 is a cost-effective UV VIS spectrophotometer, which can be used for the analysis of biochemical samples or high absorbance samples.
Cary 100/300 industry leading system design features
Cary 300 is equipped with a pre monochromator with absorbance up to 5Abs; Cary 100 absorbance exceeds 3.7Abs
Phase locked wavelength driving technology to eliminate peak drift and peak attenuation during high speed scanning.
The variable slit realizes the resolution optimization while ensuring enough luminous flux.
An enclosed optical system that resists the corrosive environment
* all optical elements have quartz coating to avoid damage to reflective surfaces during use and cleaning.
We can choose different optical modes such as single beam, double beam, double single beam.
Integrated annex controller makes accessories control and maintenance easier, and controls other manufacturers' accessories.
A full range of accessories, the performance of the instrument
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