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NICOLET IN10 series Fu Liye microscopic infrared spectrometer

The Nicolet iN10 series Fu Liye transform infrared spectrometer is an innovative technology which was launched in 2009 by SEER world technology and won the world famous R&D 100 award in 2009. The Nicolet iN10 series Fu Liye transform infrared spectrometer breaks through the traditional idea, uses the original new highly integrated integrated design, and does not need to connect with the FTIR host machine. Using a number of patent technologies and integrating the rich experience of developing and producing FT-IR, the new generation of Fourier transform infrared spectrometer with super performance index, flexible configuration and easy operation is made. The FT-IR technology has been pushed to unprecedented new boundary, and the analysis of infrared spectroscopy is more accurate. Quick。
Optical design with superior performance
1. new VectraTM patent interferometer
The first high precision magnetic floating Meckel interferometer with DSP (digital signal processor) control in the world has a full automatic adjustment of three-dimensional laser control and 130 thousand high-speed scanning dynamic collimation functions per second to ensure the high stability and accuracy of long term detection, the absence of spectral deviation and distortion, and the current Fu Liye infrared The leading technology for the main components of a spectrometer.
2.Ever-Glo light source
The new generation of high - energy and far infrared light source after the traditional air - cooling light source and ceramic silicon carbon rod water cooled light source have great breakthroughs in reliability, stability and service life. Accurate positioning, users can change their own.
3. optical path system
The optimum optical design, seal drying, moisture indication of the optical system, and easy replacement of desiccant, can choose purge system.
4. diaphragm
High fidelity global aperture, automatic control of independent lighting, providing high-quality observation and acquisition location area.
5. objective lens and focusing mirror
High flux digital aperture (N.A.) 0.7, high luminous flux, high sensitivity, ultra micro focus, with purge function.
6. external optical interface
The right outer light path is connected with the Nicolet iZ10 infrared auxiliary optical platform to expand the application of infrared spectrum detection.
Simple and intuitive automatic operation
1. automatic lighting, focusing
Automatic control of reflection and transmission electronic illumination, aperture independent illumination, high definition enhancement, wide field of view. The software virtual joystick controls the automatic platform and autofocus positioning.
Automatic switching of 2. sampling methods
The transmission and reflection paths are automatically switched to maximize optical efficiency and provide the best sensitivity under different sampling modes.
3. the background and sample grade of automatic memory
The software activates the memory function without paying attention to the background points, avoiding repeated operation and saving time, so that the operator can focus on the detection and analysis tasks.
4. automatic visible polarization control software controls the insertion, popup and 360 degree rotation of polarizer.
5. the automatic ejection platform automatically reduces the loading platform, moves outward, facilitates the installation of samples and automatically reset.
Flexible configuration
1. micro attenuated total reflection (ATR) detection system
The optimum design of multilayer composite Ge crystal is luminous flux > 50%, with super spatial resolution. Automatically set pressure, do surface scan, or manually set pressure; built-in pressure reminder, no external pressure control device. Digitally display pressure to ensure optimum detection results; stop and release keys to ensure safe operation.
2. three detector configuration
Three detectors can be configured at the same time, and the software is automatically switched.
The A. high efficiency optical design allows room temperature detectors to be cooled without liquid nitrogen, and the spectral range can reach 450 cm-1.
B. high sensitivity, high stability patent, MCT detector without frost design, can obtain high quality spectrum in a few seconds under very small aperture condition. Liquid nitrogen can be kept stable for 18 hours for a long time; ultra fast scanning speed is 10 steps / sec (16cm-1 resolution).
C. can upgrade high efficiency array imaging detector, patented vignette controlled gold-plated light path - uniform irradiation, each pixel unit feels the same intensity of infrared light, without deviation. Ultra fast imaging, acquisition speed of 160 sheets / sec, ultra high spatial resolution.
3. it can be equipped with iZ10 auxiliary optical platform, which is the only "microscope driven" infrared spectrometer to expand various infrared applications.
4. high resolution dual screen display opens up new visual observation results, making the test points more accurate and clear.
Leading and convenient patent OMNIC Picta software
1. simple operation
Simultaneous observation, spectral preview, real-time retrieval and identification, understand sample information, and determine the best location for sample collection.
2. line / surface scanning measurement
The transmission and reflection measurement of discrete points, section or area scanning can automatically memorize and measure the position of background scanning.
3. particle analysis guide
Measure particle size, set the best match aperture, collect background and spectrum. Automatically provide material identification, size distribution ratio and chemical imaging map.
4. multi-layer material analysis guide
The line scan results are analyzed, the material of each layer is identified and the thickness is calculated. The thickness and material information of the multilayer film or the paint debris are provided by the chemical imaging, and can be verified by the video image and the chemical image.
5. package burial Analysis Guide
Eliminate the spectral influence of embedded materials, simplify or do not need to process samples, and reduce the requirements of testing operation skills.
6. mixture analysis
Different chemical images are extracted from the surface scanning spectrum, and the distribution information of multiple components in the detection region is provided, and the information, total area and distribution of each component are displayed, and the operator can quickly grasp the function of chemical imaging analysis.
Unique mixture spectral separation software -OMNIC Specta
A breakthrough new technique for separating and searching the mixture spectrum is provided, which solves the problem of analyzing the mixture spectrum in the infrared spectrum analysis, and realizes the one bond spectrum analysis.
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