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Fu Liye transform infrared spectrometer

The new and modified TENSOR series infrared spectrometer set the 30 year infrared spectral R & D, production experience and the latest development of science and technology, combining high performance with flexibility, stability and ease of use to adapt to the development trend of the future network, and set new standards for the research level Fourier transform infrared spectrometer.
Fully digitized: improving the sensitivity of weak signal detection
The DigiTect detector system integrates detection elements, signal amplifiers, and 24 bit analog-to-digital converters to directly output digital signals.
The electronic compensation system provides one to one electronic compensation for the detector, the light source and other components, and the integrated chivalry fast Fourier transform ensures that the interferometer can get a spectrogram in real time for each scan to meet the requirements of various fast dynamic experiments.
The integrated adaptive network card presupposes the independent lP address, ensuring that the TENSOR spectrometer is ready to be ready if the power supply is plugged into the network (single, LAN or WAN). Remote operation, remote control, remote monitoring and sharing network resources are the inevitable trend of development in the future.
High performance: can be used as vehicle instrument
RockSolid (rock solid) interferometer, using optical compensation technology, solves the problems of "parallel light" and "collimation" in theory, so as to ensure the permanent collimation of the light path, discarding the mechanical adjustment device, without the adjustment error and wear caused by the mechanical motion, so the instrument is guaranteed the life, stability and reliability. The 30 degree angle of incidence can obtain greater luminous efficiency (the.4 times of the traditional incident angle) and reduce the edge diffraction effect, the gold reflector (albedo is higher than the aluminum mirror 3-5%), the excellent optical design, and the digital technology (DSP) and so on, which are the precondition of improving the sensitivity. Diffraction effect, gold reflector (reflectivity is higher than aluminum mirror 3-5%), excellent optical design, digital technology (DSP) and so on are the premise of improving sensitivity.
Internal check system: integrated IVU calibration unit
The IVU calibration unit consists of a series of certified reference materials certified by the international organization for standardization. It is controlled by the OPUS software package and automatically completes the self test of the instrument. The system can evaluate the various performance indexes of the instrument in real time and determine whether the operation of the instrument is standard. At the same time, OPUS also provides a complete file package for users to help users complete the document work required by ISO and other organizations, which conforms to the requirements of USP, Ph.Eur, FDA and ASTM.
Chinese / English multilingual software: friendly and convenient
Simple management mode, guide guide operation, multimedia teaching and online help documents provide more helpful help to domestic users. The above factors make learning software and operating instruments so simple, and even without trained people can operate TENSORTM series spectrometer.
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