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Antaris series Fu Liye near infrared analyzer

Antaris Fu Liye near infrared spectrometer based on the same platform:
Excellent model transfer capability: to ensure high repetition of hardware performance indicators and minimize system error through precise manufacturing processes; the structure design program of RESULT software ensures that the model and method (SOP) transfer is convenient, accurate and reliable.
The reliable results are quickly obtained: the application of Antaris near infrared analyzer enables you to get the quality feedback information of raw materials, unit processing processes, intermediates and products, so as to avoid the hidden problems of quality, improve production efficiency and reduce cost.
A reliable, accurate and stable process analysis system: the process analysis under the industrial environment requires the instrument to be different from the laboratory environment; the Antaris series is designed for the specific analysis task under the industrial environment, with excellent reproducibility, reliability and environmental adaptability to meet the requirements of industrial process analysis; The software function and flexible process communication technology ensure that it is compatible with all kinds of manufacturing process control and management systems conveniently.
A complete certification system: an automated certification program required by the USP and FDA, a complete certification document (including DQ, IO, OQ, PQ), which is absolutely satisfied with the FDA 21 CFQ Part 11 specification requirements.
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