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Nicolet iS10 Fourier transform infrared spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific NicoletTM iSTM10 FT-IR spectrometer has the following characteristics: to identify the performance of the instrument, to test the quality of the material, to create the SOP process and to test the compatibility, to identify the unknown or mixture, and to determine the composition of the mixture.
From loading the sample information to getting the final report, Nicolet iS10 is designed specifically for the material characterization process. Nicolet iS10 is suitable for anyone of any skill level. Many tasks can be completed by only one button.
Ensure the performance of the instrument
System performance certification (SPV) is a powerful tool to ensure long-term reliable and stable operation of spectrometer. SPV includes hardware and software that test the performance of the instrument according to the ASTM E1421 method. The system has built-in Shott NG-11 and NIST traceable standard motor driven authentication wheels. In software, different procedures can be programmed to meet the following requirements:
Daily performance test
System adaptation
Standard failure period confirmation
Customizing preventive system maintenance
Easy operation
The Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer is designed for easy operation and provides strong guarantee for reliable results in busy laboratories.
Easy to replace, desiccant, and integrated humidity indicator.
Integrated scanning and SOP creation buttons, integrated design simplifies user interface, ensures consistency and effectively improves work efficiency.
Nicolet Smart AccessoryTM technology simplifies the replacement of attachments and the setting of experimental parameters.
The material validation kit comes with the standard high sensitivity algorithm, which is suitable for many kinds of materials to be tested.
Innovative multi component search functions can identify the main components in the mixture, and have the confidence to help each laboratory successfully solve the problem of foreign objects or pollution on the product.
Nicolet iS10 ensures that anyone can complete the testing and identification of materials, and the results are consistent and reliable.
optical system
Sealed and dry optical unit protection devices are protected from moisture and volatile solvents. The self compensated dynamic collimator interferes with any tilt interference, automatically adjusts the instrument to the best light flow state, and provides the corresponding scanning speed for real-time detection. Diamond cutting requires no collimation of the optical system for needle positioning. Only minimal maintenance can ensure long-term and stable operation of the system
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