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MPA Fu Liye near-infrared spectrometer

MPA is a new generation of near infrared spectrometer designed by BRUKER company. Its performance is superior, easy to learn and use. The control and data communication between the spectrometer and the computer is completed through Ethernet card, which fully adapts to the development trend of the future network. The real-time online monitoring and diagnosis system is a reliable guarantee for superior performance.
The full configuration MPA with a variety of sample accessories is an ideal tool for the development of the method. It has been successfully applied to the chemical industry, the petroleum industry, the polymer industry, the polymer industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the tobacco industry and so on. It is a powerful tool for laboratory analysis. There are the following characteristics:
1. Excellent sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio
The 24 bit DigiTectTM detector system and ROCKSOLIDTM interferometer two patented technology ensure that MPA has very high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. The new patent technology DigiTectTM detector integrates the detection component, the signal amplifier and the 24 bit analog / digital converter together, and outputs the digital signal directly (the analog signal is attenuated and easily interfered in the transmission process, while the digital signal can be completely avoided), and the electronic noise is further reduced.
The 24 bit analog to digital converter improves the system's weak signal detection capability by one order of magnitude.
Two. Extremely strong stability
The ROCKSOLIDTM patent interferometer is converted from Brook's vehicle type, high resolution (resolution up to 0.008cm-1) spectrometer, with excellent stability and anti-jamming performance. Even in the case of overturn, it can work normally without maintenance;
The 600 angle design is adopted between the moving mirror and the fixed mirror. The utilization rate of the design to the light source energy is 1.4 times that of the traditional (900 corner) design.
Three. The unique network design
Brook technology exclusive technology, near infrared host and computer through Ethernet card connection, plug and play. As a network workstation, near infrared host can realize remote operation, remote control, remote diagnosis and resource sharing.
Four. Conforms to GLP and 21CFR PART11 standards
Based on GLP and 21CFR PART11 standards, the IVU internal check unit (including a series of standard substances) and OPUSTM near infrared operation software ensure that MPA is fully compatible with GLP and 21CFR PART11, and meets the requirements of FDA to QA/QC control.
Five. Powerful extension function
The MPA full configuration can be equipped with four kinds of sampling accessories:
1. the sample chamber with variable temperature heating is widely applied, and it is easy to measure the liquid in a rectangular dish or a round bottle with a lid.
2. the integrating sphere can measure the diffuse reflectance spectrum of solid and viscous substances, and the rotating sample stage has excellent reproducibility for non-uniform substances.
3. optical fiber probes can realize remote sensing of samples. Solid and liquid optical fiber probes can be connected to the host computer at the same time and controlled by computers.
4. the two pole focused diffuse transmission system improves the quality of the spectrum. The automatic sampler can automatically diffuse or diffuse the samples simultaneously.
Six. A fully intelligent host
1. intelligent optical components: all optical components (such as laser, light source, detector, beam splitter, etc.) are designed with intelligent precollimation module. Automatic recognition and automatic collimation can be used to ensure that the user can be replaced by itself.
2. full process intelligent accessories: automatic identification, automatic diagnosis and automatic setting of measuring parameters for NIR application accessories.
3. real-time, online monitoring: PerformanceGuardTM patent technology fully automatic work, real-time, on-line monitoring, diagnosis of each part of the spectrometer, to ensure the working state of the spectrometer and various performance indicators. The monitoring data and diagnostic results can be recorded in real time and various reports that meet the requirements can be given
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