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LC-AFS9560 speciation analyzer (liquid chromatograph atomic fluorescence spectrometry)

Introduction of instrument:
LC-AFS6500 Liquid Chromatography Atomic fluorescence spectrometry is a new type of special detection instrument designed by Beijing sea light Instrument Co., Ltd.. The unique design makes the instrument have great progress in both appearance and performance, with the dual function of element total and element form analysis.
Application areas:
Food hygiene inspection, environmental samples detection, water sample testing, agricultural and product testing, clinical examination, education and scientific research.
Host features:
1, it can be used for both morphological analysis and total analysis.
2, high performance coded hollow cathode lamp, instrument automatic identification, can monitor the service life. The cathode lamp adopts constant current driving and pulse power supply.
3. Specially designed shielding quartz furnace cryogenic atomizer (patent), to reduce fluorescence quenching and gas phase interference, and improve atomization efficiency.
4, adopt the latest design of high efficiency gas-liquid separation device (patent);
5. Adopt the new airtight two stage gas-liquid separation device without adding liquid and discharging waste.
5. Advanced membrane separation gas-liquid separation device (patent);
6, the gas path system adopts the array structure, and has a new type of throttle device, which effectively saves argon consumption.
7, the instrument has the function of self checking, automatic diagnosis and automatic fault alarm.
8. With argon hydrogen flame observation window, the flame state can be monitored in real time.
9, the circuit system adopts strong and weak electricity separation and high integration function board card structure.
10. The instrument can achieve single point configuration curve and automatically dilute high concentration samples.
11. It is suitable for Windows7/8/XP system operation software, and has powerful expert online help system.
12, software can quickly import data into EXCEL and share network resources.
13. An optional trap set trap.
Characteristics of morphological analysis:
1, suitable for arsenic (As), mercury (Hg), selenium (Se), antimony (Sb) and other elements of the form and valence state analysis.
2. Integrated design of morphological units, including separation unit, column temperature control, ultraviolet digestion and steam generation.
3. Adopt micro import high pressure liquid pump, with column temperature control and display, improve the effect of sample separation.
4, high efficiency UV digestion unit, pipeline optimization, reduce post column broadening, digestion efficiency increased by 30%;
5, UV and UV free two modes, through the special flow switch valve control, convenient switching;
6. Total steam analysis and morphological analysis using dual steam generation system (patent);
7. Automatic switching (patent) for total analysis and morphological analysis.
9, the measurement speed is fast, the single measurement time is less than 10 minutes.
10. Special morphology analysis software, integrated control, ensure peak time consistency and improve the stability of measurement.
11. The interface of the liquid chromatography automatic injector is extended.
Total analysis performance characteristics:
1. It is suitable for trace elements analysis of arsenic, mercury, selenium, lead, germanium, tin, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, tellurium, zinc, gold and other twelve elements in samples.
2. Based on BCEIA gold award product technology, double track and two elements automatic measurement, single measurement time less than 40 seconds.
3. Integrated design of sequential injection steam generating system for main engine and injection pump, specially designed corrosion resistant import injection pump;
4, equipped with low-noise, 183 bit polar injector with cleaning position (patent) or X, Y and Z three dimensional 130 slide rail automatic injector.
5. Unique sample / current isolation technology to eliminate the effect of diffusion effect on measurement results.
6, compatible with the injection pump mode and peristaltic pump mode to meet the needs of users in different industries.
7, the unique injection pump and the peristaltic pump combined steam generation technology (LC-AFS6500-- patent), the sample and the flow of current alternately introduced, to achieve online cleaning, to eliminate cross pollution, save the sample and reagent consumption, mechanical power to remove waste liquid;
8, the first application technology (LC-AFS6500), instead of the traditional one-way valve and multi pass valve, reagents do not contact the valve body, no corrosion, no memory, high reliability, life longer than 500 thousand times;
9, adopt ten roller and six channel large peristaltic pump, smooth sampling, effectively reduce the pulsation effect.
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