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AFS-9700 fully automatic atomic fluorescence spectrometer (BECIA Gold Award)



AFS-9700 is an innovative product launched in the decades of Hai Guang's technology accumulation. It won the BCEIA Gold Award in 2009 for its unique characteristics.

Characteristics of the instrument:
1, the new injection pump system, the equipment takes the lead in the injection pump system to add the large peristaltic pump (ten rollers, six channels, each channel can be controlled separately), with both the advantages of injection and intermittent flow, which absolutely avoids the corrosion and leakage of the injection pump and greatly prolongs the service life of the injection pump. Sample memory effect is small, cross infection is small, analysis speed is fast, sampling accuracy. It is more suitable for micro injection and single point automatic configuration standard series.
2, abandon the traditional reversing valve, all use the pinch valve, the life is up to hundreds of thousands of times, the reagent does not touch the valve, and the reliability is high.
3. Automatic sampling device can be selected for automatic operation and semi automatic operation.
4. The efficient cyclone reaction separation device has more complete reaction and good separation effect.
5, using intermittent flow patented technology, on-line cleaning, no sample waste and cross contamination.
6. Adopt advanced gas liquid isolation patented device, shielding quartz furnace atomizer system.
7. The new combined gas path device, with pressure protection and throttle device, can realize real-time online control.
8. It has the function of self diagnosis
9, low temperature automatic ignition
10. Automatic dilution of high concentration samples
11, single point automatic configuration standard series
12. Independently developed atomic fluorescence software workstation based on AFS-9000 series.
13. Windows software platform, friendly interface and humanized design.
14, the measurement results can be converted into EXCEL format at any time to achieve resource network sharing.
15, write the report format at any time according to your own preferences
16. Automatic, one, two and three curve fitting, standard point editing.
17. It has functions of curve calibration, management sample correction, insertion test and so on.
18, RS-232 standard interface
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