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AFS-230E classical atomic fluorescence photometer

Characteristics of the instrument:
1. it is suitable for trace elements analysis of arsenic, mercury, selenium, lead, germanium, tin, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, tellurium, zinc, gold and other twelve elements in samples.
2. use special coded hollow cathode lamp, the instrument automatically identifies elements, and can monitor the life of hollow cathode lamp.
3. the instrument can achieve single point preparation curve and automatically dilute high concentration samples.
4. specially designed shielding quartz furnace low temperature atomizer, reduce fluorescence quenching and gas phase interference, improve atomization efficiency.
5. the most advanced membrane separation type gas-liquid isolator.
The 6. gas path system adopts array structure to control the gas flow accurately and automatically, and has a new type of throttle device, which effectively saves argon consumption.
7. the instrument has the function of self checking, automatic diagnosis and automatic fault alarm.
8. with argon hydrogen flame observation window, the flame state can be monitored in real time.
9. the circuit system adopts strong, weak current separation and high integrated function card circuit structure.
10. dedicated Windows7/8 system operation software, with powerful expert online help system.
11. the software can realize the rapid import of measurement data into EXCEL and realize the sharing of network resources.
Unique features:
1. full automatic intelligent operation, three dimensional automatic injector, single sample disk up to 130 bits, and supporting automatic measurement.
2. double channel two elements are measured at the same time.
3. with patent technology, double pump intermittent flow injection device, sample and blank alternately introduced, on-line cleaning, mechanical power discharge waste liquid, eliminate cross pollution, save sample and reagent consumption.
4. pump speed and sampling time can be adjusted automatically. The single time is less than 30 seconds.
5. an optional trap set trap.
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