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720/730 series ICP-OES

Agilent 720/730 series ICP-OES offers the best performance, analytical speed and operational flexibility. Its core is to configure the patent custom CCD detector, which can provide you with unparalleled efficiency. With a series of accessories to enhance the performance of the instrument, this series of instruments can meet your most demanding needs, both now and in the future.
Agilent 720/730 series ICP-OES is the world's best performing full spectrum direct reading ICPOES.
Continuous wavelength coverage provides extended dynamic range and reduces interference, so that your result has the greatest credibility.
Robust plasma ensures reliability and reproducibility of results even the most complex matrix.
Unidirectional observation, simultaneous determination of major, minor and trace elements at one time, plus the fastest preheating time, improves the sample throughput and analysis efficiency.
According to your application needs, you can choose the optimum axial (720/730) or radial (725/735) configuration.
Excellent software is very easy to use and further improves your analysis efficiency.
Agilent is committed to the research and development of our entire atomic spectrum product line. We will provide you with innovative technology, first-class quality and reliability, and the best technical support.
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