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7700 series ICP-MS

Promoting the development of ICP-MS technology and simplifying trace element analysis
Whether you want to analyze hundreds of complex samples at the fastest speed, or want to get the most credible results of ultra trace impurities in high purity reagents, the Agilent 7700 series ICP-MS will help you meet the current and future analysis requirements.
The new face of Agilent 7700 series ICP-MS – ICP-MS instruments is the world's smallest commercialized ICP-MS. As the best - selling heir to the Agilent 7500 series ICPMS, the 7700 performance is better in all aspects: faster analysis, easier operation, higher sensitivity, lower background noise, better interference cancellation effect, wider application and more convenient maintenance.
7700 series of ICP-MS not only configure the new software platform, but also carry out innovative design in the instrument hardware, including the new digital controlled radio frequency matching RF generator and the third generation eight pole collision / reaction pool system (ORS3). 7700x is the best choice for a variety of sample types, wide range of applications, and stable and durable performance. It is the best choice for most conventional laboratories and commercial laboratories for analyzing large quantities of samples. 7700s is designed specifically for semiconductor industry applications, with semiconductor targeted function. Both of these two models have unparalleled performance and easy to use advantages. Even if you are facing the most difficult sample matrix, they are able to obtain reliable analysis results for you.
7700 of the two models are tailored to your different application requirements.
Agilent 7700x ICP-MS: universal, configured for most conventional analysis and high salt sample analysis applications.
The standard configuration of 7700x includes the high salt injection system (HMI), the presupposed plasma conditions for complex samples and the He gas collision pool (ORS3), which makes the analysis of high salt complex matrix samples a routine routine. 7700x has the advantages of high temperature ICP ion source (with minimum oxide interference), high salt analysis system and 9 orders of magnitude dynamic linear range. It has the advantages of strong salt tolerance, high sensitivity, wide analysis range and so on. It is an ideal instrument for the perfect combination of analysis performance.
The many powerful functions of 7700x not only meet the daily analytical needs of busy conventional laboratories, but also retain enough flexibility and upgrade space for advanced research applications. The standard configuration of 7700x has included a variety of top performance components (such as controlled temperature atomizing chambers, separate atomized gas and compensated gas flow controllers, highly efficient lens groups and real hyperbolic quadrupole), and various selectable components and accessories (for example, with various chromatograms. The interfaces used, the direct sample analysis kit of organic solvents, the inert suites of high corrosion resistant acids, etc., provide personalized choice for the user's various cutting edge analysis requirements.
Agilent 7700s: designed for ultra trace detection applications in high purity semiconductor industry.
The main part of 7700s is basically the same as 7700x, but it is a super purification system designed for the analysis of high purity materials in the semiconductor industry. It is aimed at the analysis of ultra trace elements in the PPT level semiconductor industry. The 7700s is equipped with an efficient injection system, the five road plasma gas path and the two road collision / reaction pool gas path (ORS3's reactive gas pipeline is the standard configuration of 7700s) - an ultra strong interference cancellation capability for the semiconductor industry samples which are very determined by the target elements and sample types.
7700s provides the most adaptable and fast technical upgrade for the laboratory that is currently using Agilent shielded torch (STS) cold plasma technology to analyze high purity semiconductors. 7700s retained and upgraded the unrivalled STS cold plasma capability to provide the most advanced performance in the industry for the determination of highly ionized target elements in high pure materials (such as ultra pure water), and STS cold plasma is still the only one in the industry, which can be used to analyze the various target elements required by the semiconductor industry at the same time. Technology.
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