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8200 new generation of Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen meter

Characteristics and advantages:
Full automatic programmable distillation process: sample dilution, alkali and absorption liquid addition, distillation and digestion tube emptying, easy to operate.
The output power of the adjustable steam generator can broaden the application field, and other volatile components can be determined.
Adopting the official recognition method (AOAC, EPA, DIN, ISO, etc.), the results are accurate and easy to verify.
Patented SAfE* technology ensures safe distillation of acid / salt crystals.
The built-in safety system ensures the safety of the operator.
Intelligent cooling water control system automatically adjusts tap water flow and reduces analysis cost.
The temperature control system of distillate ensures that the analysis results are accurate and reliable.
The bellows pump accurately adds reagents to ensure accuracy.
Alkali resistant plastic (polypropylene) spray heads and exhaust cylinders ensure long service life.
The test tube waste system can be emptied automatically after distillation, reducing the manual reagents for handling heat.
100ml/250ml/400ml/750ml the joints of the digestion pipes are universal.
The titration module can be upgraded to Full Automatic Kjeldahl apparatus.
System introduction:
KjeltecTM 8200 Kjeldahl nitrogen detector is a fundamental solution to the safe automatic distillation process. Accurate bellows pump can ensure the stability of reagent distribution in a long time. The distillation unit is equipped with a safety door sensor, a test tube in position sensor, a temperature sensor for distillation, and a liquid level / overpressure sensor for the steam generator.
Patented SAfE* technology reduces the overheated phenomenon of strong acid and alkali contact through special mixing process, so that manual pre dilution is unnecessary. The rapid test tube emptying system is exempt from manual treatment of distilled hot reagents.
The unique electric control rotary safety door can completely protect the operator. Only when the digestive tube is in place and the safety door closes, can the system work. The safety door and drip tray can be easily removed and cleaned.
The cooling water only starts at the time of analysis, and the automatic flow control function can further save water during analysis.
When your analysis increases, KjeltecTM 8200 can increase the corresponding module to the KjeltecTM 8400 Full Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen meter, and on this basis can add another 20 - bit or 60 - bit sampler to get a fully automated analysis system without personnel guard.
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