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8400/8420/8460 new generation of Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen meter

Characteristics and advantages:
Automatic analysis process: including sample dilution, alkali and absorption liquid addition, distillation, titration, calculation and report.
Optional 20/60 bit injector for automatic operation without personnel duty.
The official approved colorimetric titration system (AOAC, EPA, DIN, ISO, etc.) is accurate and easy to verify.
The built-in safety system ensures the safety of the operator.
Patented SAfE* technology ensures safe distillation of acid / salt crystals.
The temperature control system of distillate ensures that the analysis results are accurate and reliable.
The positive pressure titrant transfer system, self cleaning titrating cylinder and self correcting anti-aging colorimetric originals provide an unparalleled titration system with unparalleled accuracy.
Intelligent cooling water control system automatically adjusts tap water flow and reduces costs.
Alkali resistant plastic (polypropylene) made of sprinkler head / digestive tube drain cylinder ensures long service life. The air box pump added the reagents accurately to ensure the accuracy.
The LAN connection function can achieve a barrier free connection with printer / scale of any manufacturer.
Optional data management software Compass enables complete computer controlled sample registration and reporting.
100ml/250ml/400ml/750ml the joints of the digestion pipes are universal.
System introduction:
The KjeltecTM 8400 Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer and the 8420 or 8460 injector system are the final solutions to the conventional laboratory Kjeldahl analysis.
KjeltecTM 8400 can work on a single machine or online with a dedicated Compass computer software. Through the balance / printer /LIMS connection, a complete record of sample registration, performance testing procedures and analysis processes can be achieved to meet the requirements of the laboratory's good operation specification (GLP).
Accurate reagent pump and high precision titration device can ensure the stability of reagent transmission in long term. The cooling water flow is automatically controlled by the system. The distilling temperature sensor will suspend the system in time when the distillate temperature is super high, so as to reduce the risk of inaccurate results. The test tube incumbent sensor, the safety gate sensor, the reagent liquid level sensor, the distillation temperature sensor, and the liquid level / overvoltage inductor of the steam generator provide the safety of the operator. The patented SAfE* technology reduces the overheated phenomenon of strong acid and alkali contact through special mixing process, so that manual pre dilution is unnecessary. The rapid test tube emptying system is exempt from manual treatment of distilled hot reagents.
The injector system transfers samples directly from the original digestive rack, reducing other processing processes and avoiding sample transfer errors.
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